Dismiss and Substitute: Purging the DC Swamp—3 Essential Steps to Implement

Fire and Replace: Cleaning Out the DC Swamp—3 Steps that Must Be Taken

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Historic change is needed in Washington DC.

Republicans and Democrats over the last 30 years have allowed the wasteful DC bureaucracies to become bloated, lazy, and unresponsive.

To transform America … to cut the deficit, balance the budget, stop unnecessary job killing regulations, to free up the economy, end the wasteful and immoral nanny state, Trump and his leadership must downsize each federal department.

Some departments need to be abolished entirely. They are unnecessary and even harmful to our country.

  1. Fire and Replace Obama appointees.

Obama put in liberal ideologues who wanted to transform America into a socialist-run economy and force Americans to accept and embrace their liberal principles.

Replace these cronies with intelligent, dedicated men and women who believe in free enterprise and family values, just as Ronald Reagan did in 1981.

  1. Fire and Replace unnecessary bureaucrats.

We need a Department of Defense. We need a Department of State. No one questions the basic necessities of these institutions.

But there are too many slush funds.

Too much money wasted with purchases and acquisition.

And too many people doing all the work. Cut the fact, stop the waste, and get government lean and operating once again.

  1. Fire and DON’T replace unnecessary bureaucrats.

The Department of Education is a monolithic tribute to failed bureaucracies.

It only exists as political payback to teaches unions who supported Jimmy Carter in 1976

The department is complete mis-education, micromanaging at a federal level which belongs to the states and local school districts. It should be abolished.

Another department? How about the Environmental Protection Agency? Instead of protecting the environment, this agency has harassed property owners and polluting the environment:

  • The EPA ended up dumping 3 million gallons of waste water during a cleaning operation of a King Gold goldmine, which polluted the Colorado River.
  • The EPA’s new climate regulations have threatened coal-mining operations in Rust Belt states like Pennsylvania and West Virginia.
  • The EPA is ignoring Congressional legislation and Supreme Court rulings to take over more waters in the country, to the hurt of individual property owners and state stakeholders

One more? Let’s get rid of the Department of Energy altogether. There is no better engine for energy production and growth than the free marketing and private sector investment. The government tends to get in the way rather than making it easier to provide better resources.

Government subsidies for wind farms and solar power have proven to be wasteful and inefficient. Taxpayer funded grants have gone to failed corporations.

Government agencies should be limited, efficient, and serviceable.

Trump needs to get out his phone to contact Congress to cut, cut, cut. Then he needs his pen to sign off on new laws and reforms to end the beast of budget deficits and crushing national debt.

What do you think? Email me at craig@craighuey.com.

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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more. And, this is exactly what Trump is doing in his first few days of office. The pump is running and the swamp is draining. Finally, a “real” president who understands economics and knows how to get things done. Thank God. I really believe that ‘Providence’ has played a huge part in this election.

  2. Craig, I agree with most of what you say. There are WAY TOO MANY bureaucrats with executive/legislative/judicial powers combined. There are multiple agencies who do the same things! There’s no way that Congress can keep a handle on all the “bureaucrats” who make and then ENFORCE these rules and laws. Craig, I would suggest to you and your readers to take the Hillsdale College online course, “Constitution 101” which is a 10 part video lecture and then a quiz at the end. No credits given. And then maybe “The Presidency and the Constitution” course next, which I’m taking right now. Very eye opening, especially about our government’s condition RIGHT NOW: Progressive (ugh).

  3. To really get anything done and cleaned up in “The Swamp”, Trump has to clean up the Lobbying ! All elected officials has their price ,no matter how they come across the public to get elected. That is a big root to the corruption in DC & in all politics. If he’s able to correct the payoffs to pass laws in Congress and make them a felony if even attempted to buy off a elected official or a employee of his or hers staff,then its a start. Once elected, these Congressmen have big egos and know they can’t be touch until the next election. They need laws to keep them in line and from going array. They shouldn’t be able to vote themselves a raise and they should have the same benefits as the voter.Whats good for the goose is good for the gander!

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