Finally… Great Exodus: Moving from Blue to Red and How it Can Help Your Wallet and Quality of Life [Craig & Shelly Podcast]

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Shelly and I recently did a podcast where we spoke about such a mass movement of people from failed Democrat states to booming Republican states, where people can afford to live with a higher quality of life and many other benefits.

The feedback we have received has been pretty exciting, I encourage you to listen.

In This Episode:

  • Influx of crime and homelessness in blue states
  • More affordable housing in Red states
  • TN Gov. Bill Lee school choice expansion
  • Researching cost of living and saving
  • Lower taxes!!
  • & MORE!

The podcast is around 21 minutes long.

You can watch the podcast on YouTube or listen to it on your favorite platform.

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  1. Craig & Shelly,

    My wife and I fled CA in 2021. We were life long Californians. 66 years to be exact. After the (first) COVID nightmare, lockdowns, shuttered businesses and a governor who didn’t seem to care, we’d finally had it with the Golden State. We took our toilet paper supply and left. When we calculated the savings by simply moving to a red state, it was 1) A good incentive, and 2) we fought the State at the ballot box for years which has a vast majority Democrat Assembly and Senate, to which they were doing policy wise what they wanted with our tax dollars with impunity. Totally, radically left leaning under the guise of “progressivism”. I suppose that sounds good to some, until you define it, compare it to your world view and learn of the cost to the taxpayer. Some people are just stuck for a while due to personal circumstances, I get that, but it won’t remain that way forever.
    After investigating Idaho from the lower east to west, we settled in Utah (really?). Traded the coast for off roading, hiking, vegetable gardening, fruit trees and the natural landscapes surrounds us. Four seasons too! Small town yes, which takes some getting used to.
    Property taxes, fuel, utilities, auto insurance, just about everything across the board was significantly less. Happy to say our long term financial picture actually
    improved dramatically. Sure we left grandkids in CA, but we’ve got three in Florida too, so now we’re able to afford to fly or drive to visit a few times a year.
    Nobody likes change, but moving from a blue to red state? You’ll have plenty of “change” left over at months end.

  2. We left CA for good in 2021 and headed for the Mogollon Rim of Arizona! (YES, there’s a part of AZ that ISN’T hot! We now have 4 seasons, as this is an Alpine-like climate. We LOVE it!)

    We lived in a very rural area of South OC, up in the Saddleback Mountains. Yes, it was removed from the crowds, but as King Nuisance made things worse, we saw we just weren’t gonna make it very long. When The Mister’s company told him he had to get the wax by January 2021, we split. Left on Christmas Day. What a gift!

    We had already sold all of our CA holdings a few years back and had already purchased homes in our town of choice, so that part was taken care of. We make excellent returns on our rentals and earn just as much as we did when working a 9 to 5.

    The town is small, but loaded with GOOD people; ask anyone at the stores where they go to church and 9/10 they’ll tell you a church!

    At first, we ordered things we can’t get up here, but after awhile, we learned to live without them. I can’t even remember what they were now! So they aren’t missed! Everything is cheaper up here, and we have farmers markets and grow a lot of our own food now. We probably eat far healthier now than we did then!

    We live on a year round creek in the Tonto National Forest and see elk, raccoon, fox, and a plethora of other adorable critters DAILY! We fish, hike, kayak, boat and camp all year long.

    The only thing I miss is my entire family. They all stayed. I truly fear for them, as I see the absolute exponential growth of evil. Not to mention the ridiculous preferences given to illegals…along with their hard earned money!! My nephews learn things at school that would make our relatives flip over in their graves! It makes me so mad that they are so blind; they just drive around in their Lexus cages, delivering the kids to sports events and worrying over what to get at Trader Joes for dinner. I want to scream at them to WAKE UP!!

    I highly recommend anyone still on the fence to just LEAVE NOW. Why be stuck at ground zero?! GO.

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