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Finally… Californians Move to Texas Episode 4: The Gun Range

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When I moved from California to Tennessee, I immediately secured a concealed carry permit.

I had to go to the gun range and learn how to shoot.

Shelly and I both thought the experience was great.

The Babylon Bee has released a fourth episode of their “Californians Move to Texas” series.

See episode one (Moving Day), episode two (The Cookout), and episode three (The Church) for reference.

In episode four, Californians are invited to a shooting event not realizing that it involved shooting guns. They thought it was a photo shoot.

What happens next is hilarious.

Take a look. It’s only about 5 minutes.

Watch episode four (The Gun Range). You’ll love it.

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  1. AWESOME! Ha Ha! Great videos! Thank you! Favor Babylon Bee! Would love to move to TN.

    Please pray for evil to be overcome in CA.

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