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Check this out: The Babylon Bee reports that an “anonymous White House source” claims Trump punched a baby!

Note: The Babylon Bee is a humorous satirical newsletter that takes biased news stories or narratives and adds a new twist to show how ridiculous the original narrative is. Do not take this headline or story seriously.

Click HERE to see it.

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  1. This was totally unnecessary to post. All it does is give idiots another reason to believe the lies about trump. It is obvious to most people that it is satire and a hoax but there are those that will believe anything if it is anti-Trump. It would have been better if you at at least commented yourself on its source and stupidity. Did you note 764,000 had posted this???? Scary!

  2. Why is Craig Huey have a link to Babylon Bee??? Some people might start reading and think it’s true news! I have a good sense of humor but I don’t think this was necessary to include in this article, especially in a time like this!

  3. If you look closely at the picture you can tell it was doctored. These people are so evil they are doing everything possible to remove the President. This is a spiritual battle and Satan wants to win. He wants to be the ruler of this world. I don’t know how long before that happens. But this is in the hands of the church to stand up and fight. Every prophet has always prayed to God and God has answered him every time in the midst of these battles. What does God, say, Be not afraid I go before. The victory is always in God and not we ourselves.

  4. I would agree…leave the obvious doctored, stupidity out…needn’t have any more reason to think negative toward our great president, likely the best we’ve ever had whose had to endure more and make more hard decisions than any before

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