A man is arrested by FBI

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Rep. Chip Roy was livid at FBI Director Chris Wray, demanding answers.

“Why was a law-abiding citizen arrested by the FBI?” asked Roy.

The case he was referring to is the arrest of conservative Christian Mark Houck.

Mark Houck is a pro-life advocate.

He was praying with his son outside an abortion clinic.

He wasn’t blocking any entrances or preventing anyone from going in or coming out.

An irate worker from the abortion clinic went outside and started yelling at Houck and his son.

When the worker got in his 12 yr. old son’s face—Houck pushed the man away from his son.

The worker called the police… The police let Houck go, seeing that there was no harm done.

However, that wasn’t good enough for the worker, who brought up charges against Houck… A local jury acquitted Houck.

Over a year later, the DOJ decided to charge Houck with the FACE Act (a statute that makes blocking the entrance of abortion clinics a crime).

Armed FBI agents stormed Houck’s home and arrested Houck in front of his wife and small children—they came even though Houck’s attorney said that Houck would voluntarily go to the FBI offices and turn himself in.

When Roy asked FBI Director Wray if he approved the raid and if he agreed with arresting and charging Houck…

Wray gave some double talk about how he doesn’t comment on the actions of experienced FBI agents and that it wasn’t his call…

But Roy wasn’t going to let Wray off the hook that easily…

You may take a look: FBI Director Wray Grilled Over FBI’s Weaponization [Video]
See the video regarding Rep. Chip Roy put FBI Director Christopher Wray on the hot seat, demanding answers about the FBI’s arrest of pro-life dad Mark Houck.

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