Fathers Matter. Marriage Matters: The Urgent Need [Video]

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More than 19.7 million American children do not have a father in their home.

But fatherhood is crucial to the successful and balanced upbringing of children.

Fatherhood also has direct implications on the long-term health of society…something that is usually overlooked.

As the media, culture and government bureaucrats and schools sell the idea of sex without consequences to young children, this problem will get worse.

As fatherlessness increases, other problems in our society increase too.

For example, those who grow up without an involved father are more likely to end up in poverty, addicted to drugs, suffer from mental health issues, be involved in crime, or perpetuate the cycle of fatherlessness.

The vicious cycle will only end when undisciplined sexuality is no longer promoted by the media, the entertainment industry, and in government schools and government policies.

The best way we can give children a solution is to encourage and expect fathers to stick around and invest in their children’s lives and to be the men that society needs right now.

Here is a powerful one-minute video that detects the problem and solution. 

Click HERE to view.

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