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Exposing the Radical/Socialist Democrats’ 4-Step Plan to Win the Elections in 2024

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The Democrats and their NGO (Non-Government Operatives) and organizers are in panic mode… They know that they will most likely lose the Presidency and the Senate in 2024… and most likely lose on the state government level as well.

With several scandals hanging over his head like the sword of Damocles and his diminishing mental capacity, Democrats are worried that Biden will not be able to run again—and they don’t have any viable candidate to replace him.

They certainly can’t put all their support behind VP Harris—She’s got the worst poll numbers in the history of polling, and she’s proven to be as much of an embarrassment as Biden—And she doesn’t have dementia.

Let’s face it Americans hate Democrat policies—and the Democrats know it.

And most Americans now see that every Democrat-controlled state and big city is riddled with crime, drugs, homeless, and illegal immigrants– certainly, not great inducers to get people to vote for you.

Yet despite all these drawbacks, Democrats have a plan…

The Democrats don’t just lay down when they know they’re beaten—they fight back using legal loopholes, redistricting and Get Out the Vote tactics that are lightyears ahead of the Republicans.

And now it’s been revealed that they’ve developed a little-known 4-step plan, using advanced marketing and organizing strategies, which the Republicans don’t have, to win in 2024.

Part of their plan is to be well-funded– And they are certainly well-funded. They raised a combined $72 million in the second quarter of the year. In total, the DNC raised a cumulative $127 million and spent $122 million so far in the 2024 election cycle.

George Soros and his son just gave Biden the maximum campaign donation allowed and are fundraising even more for Biden and the Democrats.

What will they spend all this money on, and what does their plan entail?

According to Sam Cornale, Executive Director of the DNC, here is a breakdown of the Democrats 4 steps to winning in 2024:

  1. Money for advanced high-tech marketing and organizing to achieve what is called in political campaigns a Get Out the Vote (GOTV)

They describe the plan as paying special attention to what Sam calls “voter protection, organizing and getting communication embeds on the ground in key states.”

In other words, paid activists to organize and mobilize to Get-Out-the-Vote that include early voting and ballot harvesting.

This is a trained, disciplined army using advanced data to identify only their voters and a systematic strategy to make sure they vote.

It’s the only way they can win….to identify and then make sure their supporters vote, while the Republicans use the same techniques they used over a decade ago.

The Republicans are behind in A.I. messaging, data technology to identify voters, training, and organization.

  1. Flip red (Republican) States, just like they did in Arizona and Georgia in 2022.

According to Sam:

“Millions are being spent in Republican state parties as part of our midterm strategy, creating a first-of-its-kind program called the Red State Fund.”

Just like the election of 2020 and 2022, with targeting GOTV efforts in Democrat areas and with highly targeted data on voter preferences and issues, they are applying these strategies to turn red states like they did Arizona and Georgia.

Local city council, school board, county and judicial races are also the target. They look at vulnerable statewide candidates.

And in the red states, the Republican leadership are 10 years behind…and oblivious to the assault.

  1. Advanced marketing technology and voter education

Where the pro-socialist Democrats have a big advantage in this upcoming election is advanced marketing strategies to win an election. They are committed to out-marketing the Republicans – who use 15-20-year-old techniques.

In my book, The Christian Voter: 7 Non-Negotiables for Voting For, Not Against, Your Values, I outline these strategies and tactics. They are new, advanced, and smart.

And very effective. They change elections. They win elections.

  1. Voter registration – by race, age, and targeted groups

Sadly, the pro-socialists are attacking the American Dream in America by dividing us by race and age.

It’s wrong.

But they are creating success by creating hatred and fear in minority groups.

It’s a political and election extension of the Marxist Critical Race Theory (CRT).

According to Sam, his group spent $5 million on racial division and organization in 2022.

He said:
“Nearly $5 million in voter registration programs, prioritizing outreach to communities of color – it’s the DNC’s largest commitment to voter registration in a midterm cycle and will focus specifically on battleground states.”

This is their outreach to community organizing groups targeting Hispanic, Black, Native American, and Asian communities.

Sadly, this is not the only organization; there are dozens of other organizations in every state doing similar things.

The minority community should be friendly to conservatives, libertarian and Christian policies.

But the Republicans are ignoring these efforts.

The Democrats believe this is one of their keys to election success.

That’s why it’s so critical that conservatives, libertarians, and Christians donate, volunteer, and help candidates who want to Turn America Around in 2022.

What can you do?

Volunteer for a campaign.

Mobilize family, friends, and contacts.

Donate to good candidates and races (see below).

Note: If you want to know how you can get involved, email me and give me your zip code. E-mail me at

If you would like to help stop the radicals from winning in 2024, you can donate to our Turn America Around fund, where we are utilizing advanced tactics to target candidates that deserve your support and could win only if they had the resources.

These are candidates I personally have researched and know will vote right if elected, and they have a hard fight but a good chance to win.

Donate online.

Can you help by donating $10.00 or more to the Turn America Around Fund?

For example, with $10 we can reach ~1,400 people.

For $20, we can reach ~2,800 people.

For $50, we can reach ~7,000 people.

For $100, we can reach ~14,000 people.

For $500, we can reach ~70,000 people.

For $1,000, we can reach ~140,000 people.

You can donate the following ways:

Donate online.

By phone – Call 1-866-382-2226.

By mail – Send a check to:

Turn America Around Fund
2817 West End Avenue, Suite 126 #488
Nashville, TN 37203

What do you think? Let me know at

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