Freedom, the Patriot Act & Security – 4 Facts You Must Know [video reports]

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…Your rights…have been violated.


Because Congress created an imperfect act years ago called the Patriot Act.

It allowed imperfect men to secretly have the power to spy on any phone, text or email you did.

They covered it up.

They lied about it.

They won’t admit it is violating the U.S. Constitution.

As Senator Rand Paul explained in his Senate speech standing against liberal Democrats and big government Republicans like Mitch McConnell, the General Warrants violate the Bill of Rights.

With clarity, passion and wisdom Paul explained:

1) The NSA’s unconstitutional surveillance of innocent Americans is a threat to liberty and your privacy.

Allowing a handful of bureaucrats to have such power with no oversight invites abuse and threatens freedom.

The IRS has many Louis Learners. So does the NSA.

2) The use of “General” Warrants is wrong and unneeded.

And unconstitutional.

Constitutionally, individual warrants can achieve the same results and eliminate the invasion of privacy and threat to freedom.

3) Not one terrorist attack has been discovered by the NSA program.

Those who say living by the constitution is dangerous because of terrorism are wrong.

We should and must do a better job of protecting Americans… but we must do so without violating the right of the individual.

4) A partial solution is found in the USA Freedom Act, passed by the House on May 13th, 2015 with a 338 – 88 vote…and finally by the senate and signed by the President.

It extends the same monitoring program but ends the massive general collection of phone records.

That bill was opposed by big government Senate Democrats and Republicans.

Compromising freedom for the sake of security will destroy our freedom and security.

Rand Paul is right… Let’s do things right.

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  • Here is Paul attacking critics, see here.
  • Here is Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner, key author of the Patriot Act, saying his law was flawed. See here.

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