1 in 20 Americans are Misdiagnosed

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The FDA, Obamacare and Progressive politicians want the government to dictate what is in and what is permissible for prescription drugs, your nutrition supplements, food, medical therapies… and now forced vaccinations.

It’s not free choice.

It’s not freedom.

Take alternative health. For over 25 years, I’ve studied the field…and the constant assault on its advocates.

And a sobering fact is 1 in 20 Americans are misdiagnosed. And the side-effects of prescription drugs – even deaths – are misdiagnosed.

One of my clients in my ad agency for over 20 years has been Dr. Bruce West of Health Alert newsletter.

I’ve helped him launch and grow one of the most successful newsletters advocating taking responsibility for your own health, eating and exercising right, and taking nutritional, phytonutrient supplements.

And I get to see the many letters from those who have found a solution to impossible health problems.

But liberals and government bureaucrats hate it, because it’s outside their control.

Whenever government interferes, choice and quality are sacrificed.

Here is an interesting video about the problem – and how Obamacare will make things worse. http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/3492977657001/more-doctors-pushed-to-consider-cost-over-care/?#sp=show-clips/all-shows┬áIt’s about 4 minutes.

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