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Elon Musk Stunning Warning: AI Could Absolutely Take Control of Civilization [Video]

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Elon Musk warned America… and the world… it’s possible that Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) could take control of civilization, and independently of you or other humans.

A.I. could control and manipulate our lives and choices.

The stunning statement was made during Musk’s interview on the Tucker Carlson Show.

“That’s real?” Carlson said in disbelief. “It’s conceivable that AI could take control and reach a point where you couldn’t turn it off, and it would be making the decisions for people?”

“Yeah, absolutely,” Musk said after a long and thoughtful pause.

A.I. has great potential, and I currently use it in various ways.

And while AI has great promise, there are also many downsides, especially regarding politics, attacks on religion, indoctrination, misinformation, elections, media… and control.

Regulations by the government will be useless in limiting or overseeing A.I.

Elon Musk suggested putting a pause on using AI to discuss the ramifications, but most companies, especially bad actors, will ignore a pause, as will countries like Iran and communist China.

Navigating the potential pitfalls and red flags will be difficult.

Watch Elon Musk answer Tucker Carlson’s questions about AI.


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  1. The Antichrist will use AI to great advantage, it will be how he will have absolute control over the whole world.

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