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Election Reality: Millions of Conservative Voters Absent

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Title: Election Reality: Why Millions of Voters Who Were Going to Vote Conservative Didn’t.

After one recent election, I looked at the list of who did not vote.

Many targeted, friendly potential voters had said in the door-to-door and phone conversations they would vote.

But they didn’t.

Some of the non-voters were what is called “high-propensity” voters. These are the most likely to vote because they had voted in the last several elections. But they didn’t vote in this one despite saying they would. I knew people on the list.

Why didn’t they vote?

Perhaps they forgot. Got too busy. Were not feeling well. Maybe they sat down, voted with a mail-in ballot, signed it and sealed it, and simply forgot to mail the ballot in or misplaced it… Or:

  • “Oh, I gave my ballot to my son, and he must’ve forgot to drop it off.”
  • “I had both ballots in my coat pocket and forgot to drop them in a ballot collection box.”
  • “I didn’t understand all the initiatives or judges on the ballot, so I didn’t complete my ballot and get it in.”

This is why Republicans need to have far more effective approaches to identifying our votes (data) in advance, maintaining that list so it doesn’t get old, and helping people get their ballots in before election day.

This is called Get-Out-The-Vote (GOTV). The Democrat machine is 15 years ahead of the Republicans in training, data, identifying voter interests and top targets, and early voting strategies, including perfecting ballot harvesting.

It’s time for the Republicans to wake up.

This is something that Republicans and Conservatives neglect to do.

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  1. The average citizen has not been through the reality of communism, whether by first-hand experience or studies.

    Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Church groups,…other groups, used to invite previous victims to give their experiences and hardships as well their rescue to America.

    I’m not sure about all the different facets of changes we have all gone through and things to come, but here we are. All I can say is people get ready, Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Know your future options.

  2. Churches are not allowing registrations and pastors not encouraging their flocks to be informed and be salt in their communities by voting.

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