Election Insider: Explosive Debate This Week: Newsom vs DeSantis, Two Dramatic Bombshells, Plus Three Other Important Items

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  1. Explosive Debate this Week: Gavin Newsom vs. Ron DeSantis

California Governor Gavin Newsom and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are set for an epic, explosive debate on Thursday, November 30th.

This will not be polite; it will be a tough debate.

DeSantis threw down the challenge to Newsom when he shared a brutal video on X about what a country under “President” Newson might look like … and it’s not pretty, as the opening line states: “Decline is a choice and success is attainable. As President, I [DeSantis] will lead America’s revival.”

Click HERE to watch the “ouch” video

DeSantis, a Republican conservative, is known for his no-nonsense, powerful conservative messages that are consistent and powerful in exposing the nonsensical rhetoric of his opponents and media bias… which will definitely be on display during the debate.

However, as I’ve said in the past, I’ve been a leader in opposing Newsom in California for over 30 years.

Very few know Newsom the way I do.

Gov. Newsom is one of the most articulate, smart, cunning political operatives. He doesn’t speak about pro-ideological dogma, or his radical socialist beliefs.

In fact, he understands conservative positions and directly addresses them.

During his debate with Sean Hannity on his Fox News show, Hannity had no chance.

Ron DeSantis could easily be outmaneuvered by Newsom and slammed…

However, Newsom is extremely vulnerable.

His disastrous pro-socialist policies of anti-freedom and anti-family have turned California into a heaven for lawlessness, the homeless, and for failed government.

His policies when he was Mayor of San Francisco have destroyed that city, and his stints as Lt. Gov. to Governor have destroyed the whole state of California.

However, according to Newsom, everything is great in California.

Any problems are because of other people—big corporations, Republicans, right-wing extremists.

Many are speculating that this is one of Gavin Newsom’s plans to position himself for a Vice President role or for President on the Democratic ticket in 2024.

The 90-minute debate will take place Nov. 30 in Georgia, with Fox News host Sean Hannity moderating, and will air at 9 p.m. on his prime-time show on Fox News.

  1. Tim Scott Drops Out of Presidential Race 

Sen. Tim Scott has dropped his run for presidential candidate. The Christian conservative was hot moving up in the polls despite being well funded.

Scott had one of the largest budgets in the primary and ended September with $14 million remaining, a figure he claimed was “the most money of any candidate running for president other than Donald Trump.”

  1. Rural Communities Hit Hardest by Bidenomics and Inflation: Can They be Tricked into Voting Democrat [Listen]

I recently did a radio interview with Jimmy Barrett and Shara Fryer on the Morning News about how inflation and Bidenomics have hit rural areas hardest.

The Democrats are spending millions on rural outreach, and Biden has directed billions to rural areas, with his radical green agenda.

I explained how rural folks have become “victims of government” and how the Democrats are trying to use the plight of rural folks to convert them into voters.

“Everything from fertilizer to feed has gotten more expensive, especially in rural America. Inflation is around 15% nationwide, but for rural areas, it’s even higher… by as much as 10%. And Democrats are using the bad economy to try to get rural voters to vote for them.”

Hear my exciting in-depth interview—It’s about 5 minutes.

  1. Political Ad Spending Is Up To $1.06 Billion: 3 Things It Means to Marketers

Political ad spending in the 2024 cycle is $1.06 billion as the rate of spending continues to outpace the 2020 cycle, compared to $640 million that had been invested at this point four years ago.

Local political ad spending is projected to total $11 billion in the 2024 cycle. $516 million is expected to be invested this year, which is up significantly compared to the past two non-federal election years. $105.8 million was spent two years ago and $254.3 million in 2019.

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