Why Dividing Israel in Two Won’t Work [Video]

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The progressive left, the UN, and other countries are pushing to divide Israel in half. But a “2-state” solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict won’t work.


When Israel became a nation again in 1948, a land dispute erupted, with Israelis and Palestinians claiming a right to the same land.

The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas told President Trump it would “wipe out Israel.”

How can Israel allow a Palestinian state within its borders that:

  • Preaches hatred toward Jews
  • Preaches death to Jews
  • Pays terrorists and killers millions of dollars instead of using that money to improve the lives of Palestinians

In 2017, half of the $693 million that the Palestinian Authority (PA) received in foreign aid – $345 million – was paid out as stipends to convicted terrorists and their families. That includes suicide bombers who attack Israelis.

The agencies that disburse the funds employ over 500 bureaucrats.

Hamas operates a separate Martyrs Fund.

These payments are sacred in Palestinian politics.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu calls the payments “an incentive for murder.”

Currently, the U.S. is considering passing the Taylor Force Act, which would stop hundreds of millions of dollars in aid payments to the PA until stipends to the families of terrorists is ended.

Even if it wanted to stop rewarding terrorism, the PA claims if it did, Hamas would step in to make payments and gain power in the West Bank.

Either way, you can see why a 2-state solution is just a dream, no matter how many of the world’s countries clamor for it.

Do you believe the Palestinian Authority desires peace with Israel?

I will believe it when the PA begins teaching children love and peace, and not hate, killing and martyrdom.

In this powerful 1-minute video, Bibi asks the question, “Why do Palestinians Erect Statues to Mass Murderers?”

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