DeSantis vs. Trump: Laura Ingraham Surprised by Response On Why Not Trump? [VIDEO]

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Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis was confronted by Laura Ingraham recently on her show on how he is different than Donald Trump.

Laura Ingraham started the interview by asking DeSantis about his poor poll numbers.

“You’re in second, albeit a distant second behind Trump,” Ingraham said. “You’re at 13%, Trump’s at 50%… You have more like 21%, I think, in Iowa. How do you go from number two to number one, given Trump’s huge lead in the polls?”

Laura asked again. His answer surprised her.

“He’s running on a lot of things he said in 2020 and didn’t deliver. He said he was going to drain the swamp—he didn’t.

He still defends hiring [FBI Director] Christopher Wray—He didn’t fire Wray. He didn’t fire Fauci…

He said Mexico was going to pay for the border wall- that didn’t happen. They started the wall, but we’ve got a lot to do to finish the wall.

He said he was going to eliminate the national debt, but they added over $8 trillion to the debt in 4 years.

And he promised he’d appoint a special counsel for Hillary Clinton, then after the election, 2 weeks later, he said forget about it.

You gotta deliver on these things 100%, or you’re not going to turn the country around.”

Then Laura asked DeSantis if he was scared about his upcoming debate with California Governor Gavin Newsom in November.

DeSantis smiled and answered, “California is a symptom of American decline, and Florida shows the pathway to American revival… I know we’re winning the debate because we have so many California license plates showing up in my state. They [California] have done so poorly… the homelessness, the crime, the high taxes, the woke ideology, the lockdowns, people are fleeing.”

Watch Ron DeSantis talk to Laura about the future of America on the Ingraham Angle.

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  1. Ron DeSantis speaks well and could be a better choice than Trump..
    Vetting out the best candidate needs to be done by debate.
    Trump needs to enter the debate forum to defend his positions
    Ron makes good points to consider.
    Trump Flaws:
    1. pro vaccine … very bad
    2. over spent by 8 trillion…very bad ..but certainly with help from the democrats and many RINO’s

  2. Praying his numbers go up and that he is able to communicate what he needs to! I believe he is our only reasonable choice at this point. Trump is too old and too hated. I think Trump did a lot of good things, but it is time for someone else. I am praying for our country,

  3. Ron’s comments are correct. Trump is NOT the guy. His endorsements are terrible, keeping us chin deep in the swamp. He trusts the wrong people.
    He launched the covid vaccine genocide and called it the Gold Standard.

  4. Why is Craig running only pro-DeSantis materials, and not articles that point to all the persecution of Trump, including legal attacks by the leftist prosecutors? Where is the defense of Trump?

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