The Deep State’s illegal and out of control Battle to Destroy Trump’s Agenda [Video]

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The spy agencies, NSA, FBI, the State Department, EPA, Department of Education…the D.C. bureaucracy … is politicized.

  • Illegal leaks
  • Sabotage of meeting and policy
  • Policy decisions without authorization

The Collectivist/Statest fight to stop deregulation, tax reform and restore values is intense.  It’s called the “Deep State.”

Just take the out of control spying even on Congress. Listen to Rand Paul as he fights back. Click here.
You won’t see the normal media admitting this. But if they were honest, they would.

In fact, liberal former Congressman Dennis Kucinich and Conservative Mike Huckabee agree on one thing: we have a crisis with an out of control bureaucracy. Watch this amazing interview here.

About 3 minutes.

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  1. Huey. Draining both parties buy leaving and creating a 3rd Party is the only way to remove the deep state . Why won’t anyone admit it is the only solution?

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