Creating Dependency: Better to be on Welfare than to Work

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A permanent class of welfare dependent Americans are being held captive to a system destroying economic opportunity, the ability to be self supporting, and creating a permanent class of dependency.

Let’s look at California as an example.

The Californian welfare system makes it in the self interest of millions of Californians to live on welfare, not to try and work and make their own income.

Some of the promise is totally federal, like the SNAP program that has increased under President Obama by 115.6%. Wonder how much electronic benefits transfer (ETB) is in your county? Go to the link for the figure.

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Here is what is happening:

  • California pays a reported $35, 287 a year per person in welfare. Considering taxes you have to be offered $37,160 just to break even working versus taking a government check. In Idaho, it is $11,150.
  • For people in 80% of states, it’s in their self interest to move to California. I know some that just moved here from Arizona for that reason.
  • A company would have to offer someone $17.87 an hour to be equal to the free wages of welfare. 13 states’ welfare pays more than $15.00 an hour.

The ones hurt the most are those who need a starter job to build the skills for a higher paying job and greater opportunities.

This is destroying a generation of workers and the American dream for millions of people. It’s destroying the ability to develop skills, work ethic, and to be self-supportive.

And tragically, it’s hitting the Latino and black communities the worse, creating a dependent class with no opportunity for improvement in achieving the American Dream.

But what would you do if you didn’t need to work? It’s easier to choose welfare over work.

Here are seven things we must do to reduce welfare dependency and reward work:

Strengthen the welfare work requirements. That includes SNAP at the national level and state level as well.

Stop exemptions allowing abuse.

Narrow the list of activities that qualify for work.

Grow the economy by reducing taxes and regulations that hurt business hiring and growth.

Stop wasting money on job training for non-existent jobs. (I know people paid at the taxpayer’s expense for “green” jobs that never have existed.)

Stop welfare fraud with greater accountability.

Improve education, job training and vocational programs. This must include giving parents and kids school choice, not the present, stagnant public school monopoly dictating it for them.

What do you think?

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