Shot 5 Times: Cory Update

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Last issue, I asked for prayer for my son Cory.

He was shot 5 times by 3 gangbangers in an attempted robbery.

I want to personally thank each of you who have been praying … sending cards and letters … and helping by sending contributions for Cory’s medical and living expenses.

The outpouring has been awesome…

I wish I could personally respond to each one of you, but that would be impossible…

So know this – my wife and I have read these cards and letters to Cory that have come by emails, online posts and postal mail.

They have been so very encouraging … Thank you so much.

And thanks to those who have been able to contribute financially to help Cory.

All of your contributions are going directly to paying his expenses.

Cory is a miracle…

Cory’s recovery so far has been a miracle.

With 5 bullet wounds, the doctors didn’t expect him to survive…

Much less did they think he could recover so quickly … or that he’d be able to fully function.

Here is a brief update:

  • Two days after being released from the hospital, Cory went to church … using a walker.
  • He has 8 doctors caring for him – all treating him on different issues.
  • Two of the bullets are lodged in his bones … and there is no thought of removing them.
  • The 2 most troubling wounds are the shattered artery near his leg … and in his right shoulder, where there’s such extensive nerve damage that he doesn’t have full functioning of his right arm. Despite all of this, we are praying and hoping for a full recovery.
  • The shooter is still on the loose … but the police know who he is. Because he’s a juvenile, they won’t allow me to show his photo on national TV to help in his arrest.
  • The 2 other juveniles with the shooter – who went through Cory’s pockets after he was shot … looking for his car keys – were arrested within hours because the police had photos on rap sheets for all 3 of them. The security camera at Pacific Coast Highway and Western clearly showed the entire robbery and murder attempt … that’s why the police knew immediately who these gang members were.
  • The police said it was a premeditated murder attempt and that the 2 who were arrested knew what was going to happen.
  • The DA’s office made a terrible decision and released them. Because they are juveniles, their priors couldn’t be used to hold them in jail.
  • The progressive-left District Attorney Jackie Lacey is basically giving gangbangers like these a free ride because of the current law. Please pray that these boys will not prey upon others at their high schools or in the community.
  • Cory has a very positive attitude … but his pain is still very intense – quite understandable, with 2 bullets lodged in his bones. He’s currently on lots of pain medication … but he knows he’s going to have to eventually wean himself off of it. Please pray that he’ll be able to stop relying on pain meds quickly … and that the pain will subside.

Here are our prayer requests:

  1. That the doctors will have wisdom in their ongoing treatment strategies.
  2. That Cory’s recovery will be quick and complete – a full recovery.
  3. That the prognosis of not being able to work for at least a year will be shortened.
  4. That Cory’s pain will subside and that he’ll be able to wean off of pain medication quickly.

Thanks again for all of your prayers and financial help…

I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.

Shelly and I both thank you.

If you still want to send a contribution, you can donate online at

If you’d like to send him an online note of encouragement, write him at

Or if you’d like to write him a postal letter or send him a check – made out to me … with “For Cory” on the Memo line – send it to:

Craig Huey
21171 S. Western Ave, Suite #260
Torrance, CA 90501

Thanks again.

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  1. Craig, Have Corey get his healing scriptures and speak them at least 3 times a day and don’t let up until he has his healing. He needs to speak them from the heart and not the head. God will heal him. He needs to get the Word of God into his spirit and his healing will manifest. God’s Word is … life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh. (Prov. 4:22). I am praying for him.

  2. Prayers continue for you Cory. God has a plan and a bigger purpose for you. He’s kept you for this purpose. Don’t give up or give in. We are with you and for you through this and we won’t stop praying for you.
    With love, the people of God called by His name for His purpose.

  3. Thank you for the update. It helps to have the specific list of things to prayer for. You continue to be in our prayers.

  4. God is so good and it brings great comfort to all of us praying for Cory, Shelly and you to get your positive up dates.

  5. Praises to God for His continued healing! Corey is loved and cared about at DC. He is a blessing and has made a great impact on the kids. We continue to pray!

  6. Hey Cory. Gangbangers tried to kill me too. God saved me because. It’s much the same now, for you. Agreed in Craig’s petitions, in the name of Jesus. I just weaned off all but the minimum dose .25 of opioids. Took five years. My body is wrecked, still at this long date from the error, and craving healing. PTSD. You’ll need to embrace it now. It will overrule at times.

    I’m on your team brother. Sorry to welcome you to Gods because. We are here for a reason. Please contact me anytime. The Lord is good.

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