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CNN Shocked: Christian Women Won’t Say What They Want to Hear [Video]

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CNN believes that those who voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election – especially women – should turn against him now that porn star Stormy Daniels alleges she had an affair with him in 2006.

The network gathered 8 “conservative Christian women” in Dallas to watch the Stormy Daniels interview on 60 Minutes … and to talk with them afterwards to get their reactions … expecting them to blast President Trump

Watch what happens – only 3 ½ minutes:


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  1. This would never have come out if President Trump didn’t win the election. An affair in 2006 comes out in 2016, that’s ten years, come on. She came out for money, attention and thinks she can disgrace President Trump. We know in his past life he loves to be with women.

    If he was married at the time he can deal with Melania/family on his own like anyone else would have to do with their family. It’s no ones business, stay out. CNN can stay shocked. I never heard any confirmation whether Obama is gay and Michelle is a transgender according to Joan Rivers. That’s a yes or no answer. Farakhan seems to think Obama is gay.

    What’s CNN answer and investigation into Obama. Come to think of it, I have a lot of questions with Obama’s dirty administration. Main stream has nothing to say about that. They all should be in jail forever and no pensions. Send the traitors to Gitmo.

  2. We all fall short. Thankfully, with maturity, age and a Spirit-filled transformation, my life’s direction is purposefully driven. I sure am grateful. Perhaps President Trump’s past has been or is being transformed as well? Our reputations matter, but they don’t dictate our present or future, they can be transformed. Tabloid/media reputations are meant for profit, financially, or otherwise and in themselves do not serve integrity. At best they border lies and slander.

  3. I am a very alone conservative you voice where I work but I am chipping away at them. This was brought up by a avowed Hillary till I die supporter. He asked me about this with a smirk on his face like a gotcha question. He was had a strange look on his face when I told him I voted for President Trump to run the country not my life and what happened in his personal life was already known so what is the big deal. I knew what I was voting for and it was all out in the open. I have even went so far as to say with what I know of him I wouldn’t go out of my way to invite him to dinner or form a personal relationship with him. I hired him to run the country and as long as he keeps going in the direction that he is going I am not going to change my mind. He walked away muttering that he had never thought about it that way with a true look if amazement on his face. They live by emotions and not by any set of inflexible standards that they can defend. Yes he is flawed as a person like all of us but he is aware that he is flawed and does what he can to repair them like any moral human being.

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