Churches Across America Are Having Their Twitter, Facebook and YouTube Censored

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Across America, pastors and Christian organizations that do not compromise on speaking the truth are being censored.

With the end of the election and the control of the Senate by the pro-socialist Democrats, the anti-Christian, pro-socialist activists are increasing pressure to censor free speech and stop communication that is a threat.

And they are being very successful.

One of the safe havens that has been taken down is Parler, a competitor of Twitter.

Here are what two churches said this last Sunday:

Pastor Jack Hibbs’ post:

We will keep you informed, but this shows the absolute need for Christian ministries to be able to have their own database and their own platform.

Understand that similar to communist China, we are being censored…

Sadly, the church was silent during this last election and will now be reaping the consequences in the coming years.

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  1. How was the church silent during the election? That’s kind of a sweeping statement, in my opinion. I attended 3 churches regularly both in CA and MT during the past year and every one of them spoke on these issues regularly.

    What else ought the church to be doing? I’m asking genuinely, not out of frustration.

  2. I suggest you write Craig Huey and ask him for the details and statistics regarding the millions of Christians who, for many reasons, decided they could not bring themselves to vote for an imperfect sinner and so decided to sit this one out. Yes, I agree that it was good that your three churches regularly spoke out on these important issues. However, most churches and pastors were timid or tepid at best, including my own and now, with a flourish and a big sweeping statement, enjoy your rewards and you will now be reaping the consequences in the coming years. By the way, the communists won’t look like soldiers with uniforms and bayonets. They will look like your next door neighbor, your insurance agent, your doctor, your banker. I guarantee you that they know what’s best for you. If you fail to conform or cause a disturbance with a dissenting voice and make other people uncomfortable, you will be visited by the authorities who will help you work out your problems. Please get your mind right about what’s what. Cheers and God Bless.

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