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Christian Hate Crime Manifesto: Finally, Part of it Leaked– Here are 4 Shocking Things You Should Know

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Hate killed children and adults at the Covenant School in Nashville.

The shooter identified as transgender and left a manifesto that explained why she did it.

This was a Christian hate crime, though the media and the radical left not only wanted to bury it, but actually turn it around as an example of discrimination against transgenders.

Finally, a partial leak has occurred of the manifesto as the FBI and Nashville police refuse to release it.

Most speculate it’s because only then will it clearly identify if this was fully a Christian hate crime or just someone filled with hate and had a twisted mind.

Here are 4 Shocking Things You Should Know.

1) Christian hate crime manifesto leaked

The Nashville Christian school shooter, Audrey Hale, identified as transgender. She/he shot and killed 3 children and 3 adults at the Covenant School on March 27th.

The shooter left behind a manifesto, which the FBI and Nashville police kept under wraps, not letting anyone see it.

There were even some parents and some in the community who did not want the information to get out to the media.

Nashville’s radical Mayor Freddie O’Connell was furious about the leak and ordered an investigation into how the documents were leaked.

This has been a politically motivated coverup to protect people from seeing the political and, I believe, anti-Christian radical ideology of the killer.

Other mass killer manifestos have been released in days or weeks of the shooting… But not this one.

2) What she said:

* Reader warning: Mature language *

Three pages of the manifesto were leaked. Many more are yet to be seen, as well as what was on her laptop and diary.

The leaked manifesto is handwritten and is dated Feb. 23rd, 2023.

On one of the pages, it says:

“Kill those kids!!! Those crackers. Going to fancy private schools, with those fancy khakis and sports backpacks. With their daddies Mustangs, and convertibles. F**k you little s***s! I wish to shoot you weak-ass d***s with your mop-yellow hair. Wanna kill all you little crackers!!! Bunch of little faggots, with your white privileges. F**k you faggots!!”

Her twisted thinking also included this statement:

“God, let my wrath take over my anxiety.”

Obviously, this is a small peak into her twisted mind, showing the hate and anger… the same type of hate and anger found with kids indoctrinated with Marxist Critical Race Theory (CTR).

Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale (left, Metro Police) and an alleged picture from the manifesto (right, Louder with Crowder). Photo courtesy of ABC45 News

Another page gave a detailed schedule called “Death Day.”

3) Lawsuit to release the manifesto

The Tennessee Star and several other organizations filed a lawsuit against the Metro Nashville Police Department and the FBI seeking a release of the documents.

When asked about the alleged leaked manifesto pages, the MNPD lied to the Tennessee Star, saying it “has no idea” about the document leak.

4) Selective Leak—We must see all

It’s imperative that we see the entire manifesto and understand why this horrific murder took place.

It would help us to prevent such a thing in the future and know what to be aware of.

Understanding the extent of mental illness and the use of prescription drugs used in transitioning, the intensity of hatred toward Christians, and other issues will never be known until the entire manifesto is released.

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  1. I wonder how long before this happened. They knew about her. Because she was a transgender and it’s against Christian beliefs to do something that idiotic. I believe that’s why she had the hatred for christians. In my heart I believe if you’re a man or a woman and you were born that way God meant to be. Do not change what God has made. That’s how I feel. If you do. You’re going against God’s law. And I feel that if you want to do that kind of thing you shouldn’t go around pushing it off on other people because they’re different and they believe in what God says. To go around and kill little children and people because of their beliefs is totally wrong. And I believe that the FBI and the national police probably had some inclination that this person was not dealing with a full deck. And not just because of her chance gender but because of other things. But yet they can go after somebody that makes it comment on facebook and arrest them about going after some Democrat. Which is crazy too. And I do believe that the schools have every right to have armed guards to protect our most precious and valuable things. Little children. You can have it at the airport and if armed guards at our school. We pay enough taxes that that should be. And if a teacher wants to become licensed and trained to carry and shoot, I’m for it. We have to protect our children at all cost. Anybody that goes against this I believe it’s a traitor.

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