Genocide: Every 30 Minutes a Christian is Killed in the Middle East [Video]

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Despite ISIS being in retreat, Christian men, women and children are being targeted.

They are being raped, sold into slavery, beheaded and crucified.

The Islamic State is going after Christians in Libya, Syria, Iraq and now Lebanon.

Like a jihadist cancer, it continues to spread, systematically slaughtering Christians. It publicly demands that Christians convert or die.

Because of it, ancient Middle East Christian enclaves are being destroyed and entire households slaughtered.

Watch my informative video on this crisis

We have an unmistakable moral and legal obligation – a sacred duty – to act.

Can you help them?

We need House Speaker Paul Ryan to get moving on California Congressman Dana Rohrabacher’s bill, H.R. 565, the Save Christians from Genocide Act.

The bill has been languishing in the Immigration and Border Security subcommittee. (View H.R. 565’s progress.)

Click here to sign the petition.

Click here to donate $10 to help save a Christian’s life.

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