Blatant Censorship: Google Search Results Manipulation Revealed [Videos]

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Google’s deception and corruption was recently on display to the world…

Before Congress and TV cameras, Sundar Pichai – CEO of Google – was presented with extensive documentation of Google bias, discrimination and censorship of:

  • Conservatives
  • Christians
  • Libertarians
  • Republicans


From the questions asked by members of the House Judiciary Committee … and the evasive responses given by Mr. Pichai … Google’s manipulation and censorship of search results became clear.

You’ve heard the phrase “knowledge is power.”

But suppressing knowledge is even greater power.  Here’s why:

If you are searching for knowledge about a specific subject, but the entity that distributes knowledge deliberately suppresses certain kinds of knowledge it doesn’t think you should have … while freely distributing the knowledge it wants you to have … who wields the most power?

Answer: the entity controlling the type of knowledge you are able to acquire most quickly and easily…

That entity is Google.


Because Google owns 90% of the worldwide internet search market.

This means that 9 out of 10 people who search for information on the internet use Google’s search engine … and almost everyone on the planet now uses the internet to obtain information and knowledge.

This makes Google the most influential company – and the most powerful company – in the world.

Conservatives, libertarians, Christians and Republicans all accuse Google of tweaking it’s search engine algorithm to suppress and censor certain articles, viewpoints and web sites that it disagrees with.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai denied this in his testimony…

But the fact is that no one outside of Google knows how its search engine algorithm works.

When I conducted a Google search on the recently-released National Climate Assessment Report, I had to scroll through 18 pages of search results before I found the first article exposing the fraudulent data and scientific analysis used by the authors of the report.

Pure censorship…

And remember, more than 90% of all searches never scroll to page 2 – much less page 18!

This example shows obvious search engine bias toward accepting the alarmist view that global warming is reaching dangerous levels … and that it is being caused by corporations and individuals releasing too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Yet in spite of this, Mr. Pichai insisted that the Google search engine does not suppress or censor conservative viewpoints or web sites…

But he did not deny the startling amount of data Google collects about its users…


If you use Google on your smart phone … and subscribe to location services … your phone sends the following information about you to Google every few minutes:

  • The exact location of your smart phone within a few feet
  • The speed of movement of the phone
  • The altitude of the phone (i.e., which floor of a building the phone is on)
  • The surrounding temperature of the phone
  • The number of steps taken by the person carrying the phone


This information is communicated to Google servers 14 times per hour, 24 hours per day – even if you are not using your phone!

Watch this video regarding the issue of political bias in the Google search engine (5 minutes).


Watch this video regarding the data collection capabilities of the Google operating system (11 ½ minutes).

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  1. Thank you for the information and videos on Google. When a person has so much power as Sundar Pichai he can say anything he wants whether it’s true or false even under oath. There’s an evil element here. Maybe some subtle deception in what google gives us. What is his Sundar Pichai’s background? Craig, what do you know about him other than Google’s CEO? Did he create the company? I haven’t “googled” information about him, but where would one get such information? It’s become such a common terminology in almost everyone’s life. I’m trying to refrain from telling someone to “google it” when they ask a question we don’t know the answer to. BUT, God is still on His throne. He’s in control.

  2. We need only remember that when their love is for rower it is that which is their false god. And that is where their root is not in the Unconditional love we call God.

  3. When a corporation gets so big and is so invasively immersed/entrenched in our lives that they probably know you better than you know yourself, I’m thinking we’ve got problems here. The issue isn’t just the search engine, which is a big one, it’s all the other companies that Google has bought and is using for their benefit.

    What is equally disheartening is our elected officials, the same ones we elected to serve us, have been bought and paid for, and have turned a blind eye to not only Google, but many other giant corporations.

    Google might have started with – “don’t be evil”, but that’s a philosophy that long ago disappeared. As if the greed were not enough, as you pointed out – they’re now promoting their god’s agenda which is diametrically opposed to God’s. We’re close Brother’s & Sister’s.

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