Candidates' Positions on "Black Lives Matter": What's Their Stance?

Where Do the Candidates Stand on “Black Lives Matter”?

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So, where do the Election 2016 Presidential candidates stand on the Black Lives Matter movement?

Their answers are distinct, diverse, and in some cases very unnerving

Donald Trump had the following to say:

Hillary Clinton has caved to many of the falsehoods exposed by the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

She met with representatives from the movement here:

Liberal black activists are  still unhappy with comments that she made about black people and at risk youth in the past:

Gary Johnson has applauded Black Lives Matter for getting “his head out of the sand” about discrimination among police officers toward black youth:

 Jill Stein is in full agreement with Black Lives Matter:

Donald Trump is the only candidate who has called out the Black Lives Matter movement for advocating for violence, for calling for the death of police officers.

When it comes to the disruptions and disorderly of Black Lives Matter protests, Trump has no tolerance for such behavior.

So, what about this movement. Is there any truth to it? Should we be concerned about reported police brutality towards blacks?

Or are there deeper cultural problems which needs to be confronted?

Shining the light of truth does help.

Here is a short, 5-minute video that shows the truth triumphing over lies:

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