California’s Recall: Why Did Newsom Win…Is There Any Hope for California? (My Startling Interview with One America News Network Nationwide Broadcast)?

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With the failure of the recall election in California, more businesses and more individuals will be leaving California.

Many have given up hope about turning California around.

Is there hope?

And why did the election turn out the way it did?

I was just interviewed by Dan Bell of One America News for a nationwide broadcast on the recall election.

Watch this report to get some insider information and insight you won’t find elsewhere.

You can watch the 11-minute video HERE.

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  1. The Democrats have the election machine in CA rigged. There will never be a Republican seated here at the state level until there is election integrity, this includes getting rid of the Dominion voting systems and cleaning up the voter rolls.

  2. Your message was great! I just wish that these interviewers would not interrupt and take up your time with their thoughts. Sometimes they are so rude, just like this guy was. I’ve never seen him before, so I don’t know if he’s always this way or what. Pretty disappointing.

  3. Why did Newsom win? Because he cheated! And we saw the cheating yet no one really challenged it, because if they do then they’re tied up in litigation and recounts until it just fades away. Satan has the deed to the Earth right now, so God is letting him do what he wants. Just like Job we’re being tested and many of us are failing! God’s going to do what He needs to do to wake us up!

  4. Newsom should have easily been recalled due to his numerous major failures as governor. His shutdowns alone should have doomed him. Just goes to show that things in my home state of California are hopeless.

  5. As I understand it, only a meager 24% of registered voters in Commiefornia are Republican. Big deficit to overcome mathematically, but as a former resident I’d have loved to see this selfish pompous dictator de throned. Maybe next election those who cannot see the damage he’s doing will have finally awaken to it. All you can do is hope.
    However, after the 2020 elections and the ensuing “irregularities” that have come to light since, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the Bullycrats crafted yet another win as they did then. That is my opinion. Just one of many deceptions (and the stripping away of our rights) the American people have been subjected to since the current administration “took” office. Remember…Aunt Nancy Pelosi is part of the Newsom family circle, and they don’t like to lose.

  6. Unfortunately the people who volunteer to man the voting places are mostly liberals. This is another reason the Republican votes are not counted; when you check in to vote they can see you are registered as a Republican and your dropped off mail in ballot is probably tossed.

  7. I tried to watch the video but about one minute into it “rumble” would not let it continue. What a shame. We need separate conservative social media sites that cannot be controlled by shutting off or shutting out opinions with which they disagree. The social media sites which currently exist are definitely biased and admit it. Free thoughts, ideas, and opinions are not being tolerated by the Leftists and they unashamedly admit it now that they dominate the communication industry. Leftists always cried, “tolerance” in order to get everyone to listen to their point of view but as they gained power they slowly, quietly, and systematically shut out people with conservative ideas and opinions and built their employee staffs with only those who embraced their agenda. Look at the news media, academic and entertainment communities, not to mention the political scene in places like California and Washington D.C. Ninety percent of those working in those arenas are out of touch and opposed to the wishes and desires of Americans over the age of fifty…the generation that remembers what our founding fathers and our country stood for and was all about…freedom. Now that our ruling class has gotten their tentacles around all areas of American life and culture, they are tightening their grip and intend to eventually choke out all vestige of our origins. They are also accomplishing their goals by bringing in as many foreigners as possible who are ignorant of and couldn’t care less about what our country is or was all about. They are opportunists who have little or no respect for law and some of them are even committed to the destruction of our country and way of life. The Leftists are winning…I might even say that they have already won. America, a light of hope for the downtrodden of the world has now become a laughing stock and scandalous shame around the world (remember…we had a President who engaged in oral sex under his desk with an intern but wasn’t removed from office). The walls of America are breaking down and the sewage of the world is pouring in. Soon, the swamp will become a cesspool and the stench will be unbearable.

  8. Sorry – – but – Nuisance did NOT win the recall. He and his auntie just CHEATED!!!!!
    Not sure an audit would show the multiple ballots, the illegals and/or non-citizen ballots, OR the DEAD voting. Chicago-style election!!!!!

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