California Recall: The Epic Battle Has Begun [3 Must See TV Commercials]

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The California recall has drawn attention nationwide.

Millions of dollars are flowing into Gavin Newsom’s coffers to help him defeat the recall effort.

Over 2 million signed the recall petition – more voters than many states have.

It’s the 54th attempt in California history to remove a governor from office.

19 states allow recalls – all should!

But his opponents have been struggling to raise funds.

I’ll be reviewing the different candidates in an upcoming issue. I’ll look at their positions…and who we have received.

And I will also be talking about strategies and tactics they are using – some good, some useless, some a waste of time and money.

In the last recall, there were 135 candidates running.

In this recall, the number of candidates could be close to that.

If the majority say yes to a recall, then the candidates on the same ballot will be tabulated. The last recall saw 55.39% say yes, 44.19% no. Arnold Schwarzenegger won by 48.6%. Democrat Cruz Bustamante got 31.5%. Tom McClintock got 13.49%.

Among the leading candidates, we have invited all of them to fill out our questionnaire, and we are vetting them now.

Once we identify the best candidate, we will be posting it on our website… and we will have a special website just for this recall election.

Our recommendation will be a major force in the election.

Here are three TV/pre-roll video commercials you should see:

TV Commercial #1: Gavin Newsom is using professional, strategic campaign emphasizing video, pre-rolls and addressable TV.

His initial ad is powerful and positions himself as the Savior of California. You can see it HERE. It is 30-seconds long.

Also, he has an ad in English and Spanish that attacks those in support of the recall. In fact, it demonizes them. Click HERE to view.

And he has more of an educational presentation that gives the talking points to his army of ballot harvesters. Click HERE.

If you’re interested in politics, marketing and advertising, you should know these terms.

Smart campaigns are using these strategies now.

If you don’t know any of these terms – pre-rolls, addressable tv, etc. and would like to learn about them, I’ve listed them in my book – The New Multichannel, Integrated Marketing: 28 New Insider Secrets for Scientifically Proven Explosive Response, Market Domination and Supercharging Profits.

You can order it on Amazon HERE.

You can get an autographed copy by ordering it HERE.

You can get an audio copy HERE.

You can call 615-814-6633 to order a copy.

Or you can mail a check for $29.95 (includes postage and handling) to:

ATTN: Media Specialists

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Nashville, TN 37203

TV Commercial #2: John Cox TV Bear Controversy.

John Cox created quite a stir with his commercial. He ran for Governor four years ago.

His TV commercial was controversial because he used a bear – symbolic of the California bear. In his commercial, you can see his main points. Click HERE.

TV Commercial #3: The New Voice for California?

And here is a video of Sam Gallucci. Click HERE.

As we prepare our analysis of the race, here’s what you can do for the best candidates:

1. Vote in the recall election if you live in California and are registered to vote.

2. Volunteer by knocking on doors, picking up ballots for ballot harvesting, or sending texts and emails or phone calls. We will let you know of opportunities no matter where you live.

3. Donate to our Turn America Around Fund to support the best candidate.

You can donate to our Turn America Around Fund by clicking HERE.

Without your help, there is no way we could possibly do all the work necessary to cover this important election.

We are not supported by any foundation or corporations. We need donors like you to help make it happen.

If you can give $10 or more to the Turn America Around Fund, you can click HERE.

There are three ways to donate:

  1. Online: You can click HERE.
  2. By phone: You can call 615-814-6633.
  3. By mail: You can mail a check to:

ATTN: Media Specialist

2817 West End Avenue, Suite 126 #488

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