Billionaires Buying Influence and Power: Who Are They? Who Are They Supporting for President?

Billionaires Buying Influence and Power: Who Are They? Who Are They Supporting for President?

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Donald Trump is being outspent and out-marketed by the Clinton camp.

Here is just one example, where the wealthiest in America are continuing to transform America to more oppressive government and less freedom all while helping themselves and making themselves richer.

Priorities USA, funded by left-wing billionaires like George Soros, has aired 36,000 TV ads since May.

100% of them have attacked Donald Trump. And much is spent on targeted swing states.

In August, Priorities USA aired 2,100 ads in Florida.

The PAC aired 1,800 in Ohio.

More ads are targeting Nevada, Iowa, and North Carolina, too.

In one year, Priorities USA raised $110 million. This funding does not come from average Americans, but 33 donors are pouring in huge funding for this and other PACs during the Election 2016 cycle.

The top donor? Hedge fund manager S. Donald Sussman, an American financier and Chairman of the Board of Trust Asset Management. He donates $1 out of every $10 given to the PAC.

Here are other billionaire donors raising huge amounts to support Hillary Clinton:

  • George Soros–$7 million
  • James Simons–$7 million
  • Daniel Abraham–$6 million
  • Laure Woods–$5 million
  • Cheryl Saban–$5 million
  • Haim Saban–$5 million

Labor unions are also major donors, including Laborers’ International Union of North America.

What stands out about this big investment of money in politics?

Hillary Clinton has campaigned to curb the limits of spending in politics, and yet she is depending on big money to win in November!

Here are other “Dark Money” groups flooding the airwaves, attacking Republicans U.S Senate candidates

  1. America Votes
  2. Patriot Majority USA
  3. Vote Vets Action Fund
  4. North Carolina Citizens for Protecting Our Schools
  5. Fair Share Inc.
  6. Environment Inc.

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  1. Trump is certainly facing a difficult situation. However, he is more to blame for this than the other side. You expect billionaires of both persuasions to support their candidates with funds. Trump’s arrogant, crude, rude, insensitive, ignorant, undisciplined conduct has alienated many influential right wing people and wealthy donors. Neither have his business practices been beyond reproach. Some stink.

    Nevertheless, some of the other side’s policies are so disgusting, evil, and harmful, that I will vote for Trump. He get’s my vote because he is the best of 4 poor options. Voting for the other 2 candidates will be wasting votes. Not voting for Trump, including abstaining, will be helping to put in place the worst policies, morally speaking.

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