Biden’s Under the Radar Bureaucracy, Forcing Massive Assault on Values, Safety of our Children, Schools, and Parental Rights

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Every government/public school in America is facing this radical agenda.

It’s sneaky…

It’s under-the-radar…

It’s the Regulatory State Out of Control.

Here are 4 Facts You Should Know:

1) The Agricultural Department is “Reinterpreting” Title IX to Overrule State and Local Control

The Biden administration’s massive assault on parental and local school rights is forcing a radical transgender agenda nationally.

It ignores common sense…

Schools that fail to comply to Biden’s agenda on transgender mandates, like transgender “boys” participating in girl sports, or having “universal” bathrooms, risk losing their federal funding.

Title IX Act of 1972 is a law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded education program or activity. Specifically, the law provides that no person shall, “on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”

This new bureaucracy ruling overrides state’s rights…

It ignores what parents want…

It twists the language of the law to force their socialist agenda on our kids.

2) The Regulatory State — Where Laws Are Made by Bureaucrats, Not Legislature

Congress must agree on a national law, then have the president sign it…

But the Biden administration is bypassing Congress on its LGBTQI+ transgender crusade.

They are using a regulatory agency to force their ideology nationally without democratic discussion.

Similar to The CDC forcing masking, or OSHA forcing COVID vaccinations — This is regulatory overreach.

3) The New Rule Will Withhold Federal Funds From Any School that Doesn’t Obey the Transgender Agenda.

The twisted interpretation of Title IX regarding schools receiving Federal tax payer’s money (which they all do), will force schools to comply, regardless of whether the parents agree or not.

Already we’ve seen parents arrested at school board meetings for “disagreeing” with radical school board members on everything from Critical Race Theory (CRT) being taught in the schools, to unisex bathrooms.

The Biden Administration has already threatened to withhold money from schools who do not follow their transgender mandates.

Certain governors like Kristi Noem of South Dakota have threatened to take the Biden Administration to court if they force her state to comply with their mandates.

Local and state politicians, and parents are fighting back.

4) The Crimes Committed by Transgenders — Hidden by the Media — Our Children Are in Danger

The new regulations are already causing chaos and violence.

A Virginia School Board tried to cover up the rape of a 14-year-old girl, which occurred in the school’s bathroom, by a boy, who identified as a girl. When the girl’s father confronted the school board for not doing anything about it, he was arrested for raising his voice at the board — they claimed the father was threatening them.

Schools pushing Biden’s Transgender policies are hurting the children both physically and mentally. Children are told that they don’t know what gender they are… that they should “identify” based on how they feel…

They are often encouraged by teachers and counselors that they need to transition, and in some states, are given hormone blockers and assigned gender reassignment surgeries, without parental consent or knowledge.

These hormone treatments can inflict all sorts of complications, and in most cases are irreversible. We’re talking about life altering drugs to children who are under the legal age of consent.

Adult women are also being assaulted by men who “identify”, in “universal” bathrooms across the country. There have been dozens of reports of women being raped, assaulted, or spied on in bathrooms.

The Biden administration and several left-wing governors have instituted policies that would allow transgender inmates to be transferred to a prison which coincides with their gender “identity” or “preference”.

Recently, in a California woman’s prison, a female inmate was raped by a man who “identified” as a woman. The man was transferred out of a male facility to the woman’s facility, just because he “felt” like a woman.

Look I know transgenders. Most won’t harm anyone.

But the danger is too real.

The Regulatory State must stop this madness.

Stop forcing a twisted ideology on everyone with the force of the government.

Watch this 4-minute video of Tucker Carlson and Abigail Shrier where they discuss the contagion within the world of transgender identification in young people.

Click HERE to see the interview on Fox News.

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