Biden Deceit: Under The Radar Government Program Flying Illegals into the Country—And We’re Paying for It (Shocking Radio/Podcast Interview)

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Everyone knows about the millions of illegals pouring into the southern border.

Even Democrat cities can’t deny or ignore the problems as crime, drugs, and homelessness rise to historic levels nationwide.

As if that weren’t bad enough… the Biden administration is flying in even more illegals into the United States—All on the taxpayer’s dime.

Over 210,000 illegal aliens have flown into the United States since January 2023. That’s a population roughly the size of Rochester, New York, and larger than cities like Burbank, California, or Knoxville, Tennessee.

And Biden’s new executive order, which looks like he is trying to stop illegal immigration, actually opens the door to expanding this flight program.

I recently spoke with Liz Franzel on KLTT Presents, her national radio/podcast show, about how the Biden administration is working with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to fly thousands of illegal aliens into the country.

Liz was flabbergasted by the news… and wondered why she’d never heard about this.

Listen to my 10-minute interview below:

I told her that these “NGOs often fly these illegals into the country through 43 different locations across the country, usually in the dead of night, so no one is around to see.” She’d never heard of it because “most people get their news from social media or biased news, and they don’t report it,” I said.

She paused when I told her that all these people flying in were not vetted… She couldn’t believe our government was letting this happen. “We don’t know if they are criminals, gang members, or terrorists,” I told her. “What they are doing is immoral, illegal, and unethical.”

Here are some of the pressing topics we also discussed:

  • How the government is using taxpayer money to pay these NGOs
  • How the Biden administration is creating a welfare state for millions of illegal aliens
  • Why it’s important to get out the vote (GOTV) this election
  • Why Evangelicals must get out and vote for their values to turn America around.

Action Steps:

1) Pray for our country.

2) Volunteer, donate (money/time), and vote to replace these radicals in Congress, the Senate, and the Presidency.

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  1. So it’s been discovered that the Governor of Colorado is shipping nearly (if not by now) two thousand of these illegal, unvetted newcomer immigrants from around the globe into Utah. But don’t worry none, I’m sure Joe Biden’s treasonous Homeland Security Czar Mayorkas has them in his appointment book for vetting…right? And besides, Governor Cox of Utah has sent letters to Governor Panic Polis to “cease and desist” shipping those illegal, unvetted newcomer migrants from around the globe into his state. Let’s see how that works out.
    The “sanctuary city” free-for-all Democrat politicians agreed to (at taxpayer expense) are sinking in their own mire, or the mire of human waste on public right of ways deposited by the hundreds of thousands of Polis invitees. So what’s the most cost effective solution? Ship them out to a red state or any state or location far far away, but just get them out. Taxpayer funded one way bus tickets are cheap considering the alternative. Why not southern Colorado well away from Denver metro…like all the way south on I-25.
    He asked for it, got his praises for it, now he’s literally got it, doesn’t like it and now he’s crying just like Eric Adams in New York.
    Even Homer Simpson could have told them Bidens non enforced, no-policy free for all-come one come all on immigration spells disaster, but NOOoooo.
    And Democrats just love to point their finger at the Republicans claiming it’s all their fault. “Our colleagues across the aisle refuse to…blah blah blah”. And no doubt this mystery of interstate-deportation of illegal non vetted newcomers continues to play out across the country in the wee hours of the morning…every morning.
    Pathetic. A Trojan Horse for sure. Here’s a question;
    Are the Democrats actually spending our billions (that’s plural folks) to buy the vote? Hmmm.

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