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  1. Here’s ANOTHER rock-solid example of MSM bias/false reporting:

    “Fake anti-Trump CNN news. Claims Trump says ‘no taxes’ for U.S. corporations”
    by Richard Rider

    Here’s a recent example of CNN’s “Fake News” Jihad against Trump. It’s THEIR 22 second CNN excerpt on their CNN website — cleverly excerpted from Trump’s talk to businessmen — edited to misinform CNN’s viewers.

    In this excerpt Trump says that if the businesses stay in the U.S., they will “pay no tax.” This video clip has gone viral around the Internet — “shared” thousands of times — enraging people thinking that, under Trump, corporations will pay no taxes.

    It’s is an incredible misrepresentation of what Trump said. It’s classic Fake News — from CNN. The dishonesty by CNN is simply breathtaking. Actually Trump was talking in this excerpt about ONLY tariffs — not the corporate income tax.

    As Trump discusses in the recorded FULL 10 minute talk (URL below), there will still be a corporate INCOME tax. In that talk Trump DOES indeed plan to reduce the federal corporate income tax from 35% (highest in the WORLD) to about 15%-20% — to more closely align America with the corporate tax rates in other attractive developed countries. This reduction is a widely supported reform — most economists and even some Democrat Congressmen back this corporate tax reduction.

    But what Trump was saying in this video excerpt was that if a company does not leave the country, it will not have to pay TARIFFS when importing goods to America. THAT’S the “pay no taxes” he’s referencing in the excerpt.

    Well, DUH!! If you don’t import, you won’t pay a tariff. You can verify this correct interpretation by watching the full 10 minute video.

    Just to be clear: I think Trump’s whole idea of imposing 35% tariffs is TERRIBLE economic policy. Most economists agree on this. But the issue here is the intentional misrepresentation by CNN of what Trump was saying.

    When Trump accuses CNN of posting Fake News, this video should be Exhibit A.

    To see the full 10 minute Trump talk to businessmen, go to:

    NOTE: Weeks later, this dishonest video is still up on the CNN website. Not that we should expect anything different.

  2. Rachel Maddow and Elizabeth Warren—what would you expect from two of the most brain dead people on the face of the earth. Coupled with the mainstream media we get all the “alternative facts”.
    The left has learned from Islam that there is no sin in lying to those who don’t accept their point of view. They also adhere to the same principle of dealing with those who refuse to join or, are luke- warm in their own ranks.

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