Ballot Harvesting: Watch My Latest Interview on One America News Network (OANN) [Video]

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Recently I discussed the strategy of ballot harvesting in an interview on the Daily Ledger show on the OAN Network.

The strategy involves distributing our voter guide to churches, clubs and civic groups nationwide.

Our voter guide helps conservatives and libertarians to vote confidently for their values rather than against their values.

Click here to watch the interview (about 5 minutes).

And if you can, please donate $10 or more to help us financially with the costs of distributing the voter guide.

This is urgent. We are at a critical turning point in history.

CLICK HERE to make a donation to Help Turn America Around.

Or, you can mail a check to:

Election Forum
Attn: Craig Huey
21171 S. Western Ave. Suite #2642
Torrance, CA 90501

Or you can text a donation by texting DONATENOW to 24587.

Call our office at 310-212-5727 if you’d like to donate $100.00 or more.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Comments 2

  1. When I contemplate the enormity of the evil forces working against:
    Secure borders
    Our Constitutions, et al

    I can’t help but realize that only Satan can amass such destruction.
    So, folks, Only God can conquer this much evil – Democrats beware,
    God is not sleeping. Christians – stay awake, and true!

  2. If the Repubs don’t get off their duffs and do what the Democrats do legally, then they deserve to lose – just like what happened in Orange County. -_-

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