Argentina’s Not Crying Anymore: Great Victory as First Libertarian President is Elected

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It was an amazing victory for Argentina…

For the people…

For freedom…

For moving the economy ahead…

Libertarian candidate Javier Milei made a decisive victory in Argentina.

“Today, the reconstruction of Argentina begins. Today is a historic night for Argentina,” Milei said during his victory speech. “Argentina will return to the place in the world it should never have lost.”

Since WWII ended and the rise of socialism under the Peron government in the late 1940s, Argentina has been on a straight and steady decline.

At one time, their currency was on par with the American dollar. However, now the Argentine peso has been devalued by government overspending and printing money that you need a wheelbarrow full just to buy toilet paper.

The inflation rate in Argentina is over 185% because of government overspending.

Their “social-net” system is dilapidated, and their hospitals and schools are understaffed and under-equipped—many hospitals lack basic supplies like bandages or aspirin—All thanks to government control and socialism.

However, Milei wants to do away with socialism, usher in free markets and private property rights, eliminate burdensome regulations, and shrink government.

As many countries in South America have turned socialist and pro-communist, this is excellent news and will be a model for South and Central American countries to do away with socialism and allow the powerful economic engine for free enterprise to lift people out of poverty and build economic stability, stop inflation, and create new opportunities.

The socialist radicals in Argentina… and the biased media in the US are latterly crying. They are shocked, dismayed, and angry.

Now, this emphasis on freedom needs to come to the United States of America.

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  1. Thank God for this news. I hope more countries wake up and decide to vote for politicians who work for the people….not their party and not their own pocketbooks …but for the citizens of the country. Congratulations Argentina!

  2. Under socialism Govt grows, taxes rob the people , the debt based money is always over printed to satisfy Govt over spending, and inflation impoverishes all but the Govt insiders and wealthy Govt connected elites. The people suffer considerably.
    The only way out is shrinking to a much smaller size and/or eliminating completely the harmful predatory Govt. agencies.
    God bless and protect the new Leader of Argentina.

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