Are We in the End Times? With The Threat of Terrorism and an Economic Crash, Will America Survive? [National TV Interview]

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I recently spoke with Perry Atkinson, host of Focus Today, on his national radio/video podcast about the latest GOP primary debates and why Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina are so important to the candidates.

Click HERE to watch my interview.

With all the turmoil going on in the world and the worry of another economic depression looming, Perry asked me if we were in the “end times.”

I told Perry, “Although it looks like it, with the attacks on Israel, the breakdown of our culture, and the looming economic meltdown, no one can know for sure. But we all need to turn to God and ask for grace.”

I told Perry what I was most concerned about, and that’s the possibility of a terrorist attack in the United States in 2024.

Click HERE to watch my interview.

Here are some of the pressing topics we also discussed:

  • The open southern border letting terrorists into the country
  • How Biden’s weaponization of the federal government to go after his political enemies and anyone who disagrees with the government’s narratives is growing out of control
  • The growing antisemitism
  • The growing divide among Americans—Socialism vs Free Market Capitalism
  • How the country can’t survive 4 more years of Biden’s failed policies
  • The growing threat of China and another World War
  • Why churches and Christians need to get more involved in voting for their values

Click HERE to watch my exciting in-depth interview—It’s about 25-minutes long.

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  1. Craig,
    I couldn’t agree more with your assessment on the Biblical worldview and the 7 points outlined.
    My biggest concern…well, one of my biggest concerns is that “lawfare” as you mentioned in a previous article will completely destroy the already weakened foundations of this United States in which we’ve been born into. The destructive behaviors, destructive legislation being passed in Congress all add up to a complete and utter failure- and ultimate demise of our federal government to self govern in the ways brought forth by the Founding Fathers and the Constitution which don’t forget are to guarantee “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness” to all citizens as well as the inalienable rights granted to us.
    All three branches of the federal government are corrupt to the core. We’ve been witnessing the lies and distortions, misinformation and disinformation bellowing out from Washington DC for three going on four years, and I do not believe at this point that regardless of who leads this once great country, there is no one on this Earth regardless of party affiliation with the abilities to turn the ship around. There is certainly one party that wishes to continue the current trajectory right into the rocks.
    With what we witnessed in 2020, I’m pretty certain this same type of lawlessness will once again take to the streets throughout the country. I mean let’s face it…it’s an election year and the left doesn’t want to give up its ninja grip on power…big powers…controlling powers. “They” just need the excuse again to take to the streets for a manufactured cause. And honestly, we know those violent entities are still present, and even more so now with the added 8million illegals (not all being friends from Mexico looking for a better life in the U.S.), from around the globe, with hundreds of verified “terrorist” connections, but the thousands of “gotaways”?
    This is one of the biggest, well know, well documented engineered failures of the Biden administration, and it’s intentional. Reminds me of a Trojan Horse approach. Yes I believe we’re on the precipice if not entered into that time wherein “When we see these things happening, look up for our redemption draweth nigh”.

    1. That person has hit it right on the nail. And going to church on Sunday doesn’t MAKE a person a Christian. That’s between A Person and God. The Christians are losing their faith because they have become worldly. Keeping up with their neighbors and Money see to be their only concern. Their God. Christians that don’t take an interest in who the president is only hurting themselves and us. The cost of living is killing us 85 yrs. old. Our retirement has run out. We have lived on a budget our entire married life. A 10 year old could run this country better then this president. God gave us common sense . It ‘s free and they only think of No. One and never use common sense. The Lord is telling us something but the Christians aren’t paying attention. They don’t rely on our lord and savior anymore. They have become worldly. I see it every day. Please come Lord. I struggle watching it.

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