Saving Lives: Destroy Abortion Myths and Lies [Must-See Videos]

Craig Huey Abortion, Culture Wars 1 Comment

Here is a powerful debate between a pro-abortion advocate and Tucker Carlson.

It’s a must-see briefing on abortion.


In another devastating abortion-related video, a former Planned Parenthood insider speaks out about “a monthly abortion quota” and making money.

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  1. The world turns a blind eye to the evil of abortion. The world calls it rights, choice, money, convenience because they don’t know who Jesus Christ is and they don’t know God’s Word, the Bible. So many lost people. I pray for the Holy Spirit to come to them in dreams and visions and they will be convicted to repent and turn to Jesus.
    Craig, on a somewhat different note, I am addressing with our financial advisor about our investments. I have pulled out of Target, Apple, Wells Fargo. Can you provide a list of companies who are Planned Parenthood contributors as I’m sure the list has changed. I would greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you very much.

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