COVID-Lockdowns, Crisis and Tragedy [Controversial, Must Hear Interview with Craig Huey]

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I recently did a controversial interview with Jerry Cirino about COVID and the lockdowns. You can listen to it HERE.

During the interview I discussed the following:

  • The lockdowns are causing a crisis for parents and a tragedy for children today.  
  • Today about half the kids are not in school and Zoom has been a failure for most.
  • Just look at the statistics in kids aged 13-18 years old:
    • Overdoses have increased 11%
    • Anxiety has gone up 94%
    • Depression has increased 84%
    • Suicide is ten times more likely to occur
  • Parents are experiencing the changes in behaviors because children are so isolated and not interacting with others while they are home.
  • The problem is the school boards, along with teachers unions that are continually pushing for schools to stay remote.
  • These lockdowns have set children back for years to come.
  • Teachers unions are promoting a political ideology – especially regarding school choice.
  • Public schools teachers are pushing a worldview that is contrary to the principles of freedom, religious liberty, and other principles that have historically been part of America.
  • The incompetent and bad teachers cannot be fired in public schools – yet this is not the case in private or Christian schools.
  • There is currently a mass exodus of people leaving California.
  • When I was younger, California was a land of opportunity. Yet today, homelessness is a major issue in California as well as violence due to the multitude of gangs.
  • Now there are 5.5 businesses per week that are exiting California and millions of people are leaving California because it is not affordable. Nissan, Toyota, and many other companies are relocating due to high costs, high taxes, and high regulatory rates.

Click HERE to listen to my interview. It is 33-minutes long.

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