A Crime Against Humanity: The FDA/CDC Suppression of Alternative Therapies Exposed by Prominent Doctor [Video]

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Dr. Pierre Kory was interviewed recently and talked about how a half-million people may have died needlessly of COVID.

He called it “a crime against humanity.”


It was because of the FDA/CDC, the Biden administration, and Dr. Fauci’s single focus on experimental vaccinations to stop infection or transmission of COVID-19.

What was dismissed were existing medications that showed promise for helping people recover from the illness.

Indeed, these existing medications were used in other countries successfully – but not in the U.S.

One of the reasons was the high-price and high-profit pharmaceuticals – which taxpayers funded for the vaccines – had such a big profit margin that competition was squashed and the alternatives were shut down.

In fact, Big Media and the medical establishment joined in not even honestly discussing their merits.

Doctors were told they couldn’t use them or they could be fired.

In the interview below, Dr. Kory points out the deficiencies in the initial testing of Pfizer and Moderna, and others – which were basically experimental drugs.

This powerful video should be seen by you, your family and friends. Click HERE.

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