630,000 Californians will have their property confiscated

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The secret theft that leaves people speechless

   Governor Brown and the Sacramento Democratic Supermajority just committed one of the biggest thefts in history.

Over 630,000 Californians under the Low Income Health Program were put in the Medi-Cal program without the cost being explained to them.

   Here’s what the government should have told every person:

  • Everything you own goes to the California government when you die.
  • Nothing goes to your kids, grandkids, family or charity.

   Medi-Cal is a loan. When you die, all your assets go to the government. As Stephen Frank said, that’s your “houses, cars, rings…”—everything.

This is all deemed part of California’s “Bridge to Healthcare Reform,” but it looks more like a bridge to the government’s control of your possessions, your assets and your free choice of what to do with your property.

But there was no warning here…

No choice. No rights. No freedom.

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