6 Little Known Things the Media

6 Short Little Known Things the Media Has Tried to Deceive You with Censorship or Misreporting

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Here are 6 very important things you probably haven’t heard but should know about.

  1. Home Invasion? 45% of 18–29-year-olds live with their Parents

According to a new survey from Harris Poll for Bloomberg, roughly 45% of people ages 18-29 live at home with their families – the highest figure since the 1940s.

  1. Chinese Counterfeit in Titanium in US Aircraft?

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) is investigating how counterfeit titanium got into Boeing and Airbus jets.

The titanium was purchased from a little-known Chinese company, was sold with falsified documents, and used in parts that went into jets from both manufacturers.

This comes as there is growing concern that Chinese products will be used against us in the future through malware, etc.

  1. New LGBTQ+ Streaming Service Starts

LGBTQ+ Streaming Service OUTtv is launching a new channel, OUTtv, on Apple TV+ in the UK, which will be available as an add-on for Apple TV+ subscribers.

OUTtv’s partnership with Apple TV+ in the U.S. and Canada has been available as a channel since 2021.

  1. Senator Bill Lee and others have introduced the SAVE Act to stop illegals from voting

The SAVE Act aims to close this loophole by:

Mandating that the states collect documentation proof of U.S. citizenship when registering voters.

Establishing acceptable means for proving citizenship and providing alternative processes for those lacking documentation.

Requiring states to remove non-citizens from voting rolls.

Imposing federal penalties for knowingly registering non-citizens to vote.

This bill is essential to safeguard our elections and ensure that only eligible U.S. citizens participate.

  1. Texas Fights ESG Investing with State Funds

Texas officials withdrew $8.5 billion from the investment firm Blackrock due to its left-wing “environment, social, and governance” (ESG) policies.

  1. Taxpayer $900 Million Waste: EV School Buses Because Kamala Likes Them

It’s a $1 billion waste for “green buses.”

The EPA is spending $900 million in taxpayer funds across 47 states to help fund the purchase of “green” school buses.

90% of the funds have gone to EV buses, while the remaining has gone to propane-powered buses.

These are not cheap buses.

The EV Buses cost more than the non-gas/diesel buses. For example, the Blue Bird All-American Type D electric school bus retails at $400,000.

But a new diesel school bus costs $200,000.

Blue Bird’s EV bus’s range is 120 miles on a single charge, which takes three to eight hours to recharge.

The average range for a new diesel-powered school bus on a single fuel tank is 510 miles.

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