4 Troubling and Lesser-Known Causes Behind Progressive Victories in 2018... and 5 Measures to Prevent the Imminent "Blue Tsunami" in 2020

4 Disturbing and Little-Known Reasons the Progressives Won in 2018…and 5 Actions to Stop the Coming “Blue Tsunami” in 2020

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I’ve received hundreds of emails and calls…. Why?

Why were conservatives, libertarians and Christians crushed in the 2018 midterms?

Why did progressives and socialists exceed expectations?

For the last two years, I’ve been warning people that the progressives were going to win in 2018.

I was right.

I’ve been speaking about this, writing about this and holding boot camps to train conservatives and Christians with political marketing strategies.

But the political consultants and conservative and Republican leadership didn’t believe me…. And refused to see the coming “blue wave” that will eventually become the blue tsunami in 2020.

Across the nation, progressives won victory after victory even in states and districts that are traditionally conservative.

All of a sudden, the pro-freedom, pro-free enterprise, pro-family and pro-faith progress gains made over the last two years under Trump could be destroyed.

And the Republican party – the party that traditionally carries these values – looks like it could become totally irrelevant in 2020, especially in California.

We lost some great candidates…like Governor Scott Walker (R) of Wisconsin, a strong free-market advocate, who has fought to cut down anti-business bureaucracy and regulations.

And Dana Rohrabacher (R) of California. Dana has been in office for 15 terms and has been a firm defender of the persecuted church overseas. In fact, Dana stood up alone in Congress to call for the protection of hundreds of pastors in socialist China.

But on November 6th, pro-freedom, pro-free enterprise, pro-faith and pro-family state officials were brutally defeated…along with strict constructionist judges and pro-freedom propositions.

Even conservatives who should have won by a large margin barely squeaked by.

True, Republicans won the Senate. They even increased margins against historical trends, so that there will be three extra votes in the Senate.

But still, the now-Democratic majority in the House means that Trump will come against more resistance than ever….and America will see an increase in a radically progressive, Deep State-fueled agenda, the rise of socialism, higher debt, higher taxes and more regulations.

And family values – including life and religious freedom – will be stalled or see losses.

We’ve got to reverse the tide and restore the American dream – but first, we need to know exactly what happened on November 6th.

In the following special report, you’ll discover a) What exactly happened during the 2018 midterm elections – Who won, who lost and what comes next, b) Why progressives won such an overwhelming victory, and c) Whatwe must do to prepare for 2020…and stop the coming “blue tsunami” that the progressive left is strategizing.

Midterm Results: A blue wave wipeout destroying conservative candidates across the nation.

Republicans lost statewide elections across the nation, totaling a loss of 40 seats in the House.

California is a powerful example.

Republicans lost every single statewide office…Democrats re-established their supermajority in Sacramento…and worst of all, conservative strongholds in Orange County and Central Valley were lost to liberal candidates.

In fact, the Democrats flipped half of all Republican-held congressional districts. And, Democrats gained 9 percentage points on average since the last midterm elections.

Much of the wipeout seen in California took place after election day, as last-minute votes overwhelmingly went to the Democrats.

At the end of the day, Republicans will hold just 7 of the state’s 53 House seats.

But California didn’t mark the only devastation. In states like Nevada and Arizona – where conservatives should have won – progressive candidates wiped out their opposition.

Here’s an overall breakdown of nationwide results after November 6th:

  • U.S. House: 235 Democrats / 199 Republicans
  • U.S. Senate: 47 Democrats / 53 Republicans
  • Governors: 23 Democrats / 27 Republicans
  • State Senates: 856 Democrats / 12 Independents / 575 Republicans
  • State Houses: 2,495 Democrats / 22 Independents / 2,558 Republicans
  • And the blue wave impacted city councils, school boards nationwide

Many of the propositions, too, saw defeat by an anti-business, anti- school choice liberal agenda.

The gas tax repeal was shot down in California. School choice was rejected in Arizona. And a repeal of tax funding for abortion was destroyed in Arizona.

Finally, judicial activists held onto their seats, meaning radically progressive values and social engineering will be upheld in court.

So, what happened? Why did the progressives win?

Some conservatives and Republicans are crying “voter fraud.”

While voter fraud is real – and a threat – the real reason for the blue wave is much more complex…beginning with a strategic tactic known as “ballot harvesting.”

But there were other reasons for progressive victory, too.

I’ve identified 4 surprising reasons for the progressive blue wave – and the critical lessons we can learn from this election letdown to stop the blue tsunami in 2020.

Reason #1: Ballot Harvesting – Progressive Tactic to See Skyrocketing Votes

“Ballot harvesting” is the strategy used widely by Democrats in the midterm elections that allows one person to gather potentially 100, 200, 500 or more ballots from potential voters and drop them off at the polls.

This is a highly strategic method of GOTV (Get Out the Vote)…and Democrats will stop at nothing to collect ballots that support their candidates.

Cities made it easy to collect ballots.

But ballot harvesting was also used successfully in suburbs all over the U.S….which gave Republicans only 49% of votes nationwide.

Orange County, California, has a population of 3.2 million people. That’s higher than the entire population of 22 states.

Orange County voted for Republican presidents for 19 straight elections until Hillary Clinton won by more than 8 points in 2016. In 2018, voters also turned blue, largely the result of ballot harvesting.

GOP incumbents and GOP candidates that could have won typically conservative suburbs outside major cities in Arizona, Nevada, Texas, South Carolina and Tennessee also lost.

Progressives outmaneuvered conservatives and Republicans in the following ways:

  • They held potlucks and events to collect ballots.
  • They visited low-income housing projects and went door-to-door in massive organized efforts.
  • They engaged in a manipulative activity called “granny farming” – going to nursing homes and collecting ballots from the elderly.

Ballot harvesting is sneaky…but it’s not voter fraud. It’s a clever ground game, devised to increase voter turnout among Democrat voters.

And it works. The number of Election Day vote-by-mail drop-off ballots was a massive 250,000 in California alone. In fact, California voters turned out at 65%, higher than any gubernatorial election since 2006. Many of these ballots were brought in by “harvesters” who had gone to strategically left-leaning locations to collect votes.

Ballot harvesting was the explanation for many late Democrat victories in which Republicans initially won … but lost after the vote-by-mail ballots were counted.

Here are some examples:

  • In California’s 45th congressional district in Orange County, Republican Mimi Walters – who was initially up 6,074 votes on election night over Democrat Katie Porter – was ultimately beaten by 11,866 votes.
  • In Central Valley’s 10th – another traditionally conservative stronghold – Republican Jeff Denham lost to Democrat Josh Harder in the congressional race, losing by 7,416 votes … even though Denham was initially ahead by 1,287 votes.
  • In the 25th district, Democrat Katie Hill also beat her opponent Steve Knight – 83,662 votes to Knight’s 79,545. He should have won, like the rest. But the organized ground game defeated him.
  • And in the 21st district, Democrat TJ Cox beat incumbent Republican David G. Valadao by 529 votes. Valadao had been ahead by seven points on election night.

Assembly races in California often looked the same: In the 38th district, Democrat Christy Smith was behind one percentage point, but late vote-by-mail ballots helped her win by nearly two percentage points. In the 74th district, Democrat Cottie Petrie-Norris beat incumbent Matthew Harper by four points, even though she was down by one point on election night.

And, the California Superintendent of Instruction race was won by Tony Thurmond – even though Thurmond was outspent by former charter school executive Marshall Tuck.

Thurmond won because of ballot harvesting and the Democrat GOTV effort.

The voter registrar in Orange County reported that people were routinely coming in with 100-200 ballots that they had harvested.

In one household where both husband and wife were Republicans, a Democrat volunteer came repeatedly to the home asking to collect the ballot of their 18-year old daughter…but wanted nothing to do with them.

Ballot harvesting targets minorities, young voters and other groups that usually vote Democrat. It’s based on advanced data modeling and collection.

One volunteer said, “We were not wasting time talking to people who weren’t going to vote for Democrats.”

Ballot harvesting has been outlawed in 18 states, but California has made it incredibly easy with AB 1921 – the recent bill that made it possible for anyone to collect ballots and turn them in, not just a relative or someone living in the same household.

Not only that, ballots are accepted up to a week after Election Day in California…meaning they can come pouring in by the hundreds to change election outcomes.

No one knows who collected and delivered the ballots. No one knows if they changed or manipulated the ballots. They were anonymously delivered.

Reason #2: Voter fraud and manipulation.

Ballot harvesting isn’t voter fraud, but it does open the door for voter fraud.

When anyone can turn in anyone else’s ballot, people can manipulate ballots, steal votes, and lie and cheat the system.

Vote buying, in which someone pays someone for their ballot and fills it out, is responsible for some of the skyrocketing numbers of votes.

And, voter coercion is used by left-leaning unions and corporations to control and manipulate the vote. People are bullied into voting a certain way, or their ballots are collected and then tossed if they don’t agree with the leader’s opinion.

Illegal votes caused by the motor voter system, poorly managed voter rules, and more, impact each election.

Again, voter fraud isn’t the main reason conservatives were wiped out by the blue wave. But combined with ballot harvesting, it makes it easy for progressives to help change outcomes and get their candidates into office.

Reason #3: Strategic Targeting, Digital Marketing and an Army of Anti-Trump Volunteers

The fact is, the progressives were strategic and brilliant in their campaigning.

They used an anti-Trump-invigorated volunteer base, digital marketing and strategic targeting to spread their message…and change people’s opinions and worldviews.

The progressive movement has an organized, strategic approach to resisting Trump, all consolidated into their “bible” – “Indivisible.”

This guide is used to inform and educate tens of thousands of volunteers across America to help them spread the progressive message in their communities.

It’s a brilliant manual regarding ground-game operations. And it works. By using money, data and an organized GOTV effort, they achieved victory against conservatives in the midterms.

I warned conservatives, libertarians and Christians about the high-level organization among progressives before the midterm elections.

The progressive organization Swing Left worked together with 22 other ideological organizations in a massive effort to get out the vote.

Before the effort was underway, it was called “unprecedented in its scope and scale.” It was a massive push to get voters to actually vote. And it was successful. It brought millions more to the polls than is typical for a midterm election – and it helped progressives regain control of the House.

I also warned about the “last weekend” that the progressives were organizing to get out the vote before the midterms – including ballot harvesting.

Progressives know that this is the key target period…because the “last weekend” can change the course of an election…and it did.

Progressive organizations recruited both veteran activists and newcomers to influence key federal, state and local races in which the vote could swing either way.

They formed an army of volunteers that committed more than a million hours for “The Last Weekend.”

They made millions of phone calls…canvassed door-to-door…and hosted events to influence people to vote for Democrat candidates.

I warned people that this is what the progressives were doing to prepare for victory – combining technology, data and a massive army to selectively get out progressive voters. But most conservative candidates still ran their campaigns like it was the year 2000 – with antiquated and anemic efforts.

They hired political consultants who don’t understand digital marketing and targeting. Asa result, conservative candidates:

  • didn’t market efficiently
  • didn’t reach the right voters
  • didn’t use their money or resources correctly
  • failed miserably in getting out the vote

What conservatives need to do is to learn and implement the same tactics and strategies progressives use – which I’ll explain in just a moment.

But there’s one more core reason Republicans lost…

Reason #4: Healthcare, healthcare, healthcare.

Nancy Pelosi said it best: “healthcare, healthcare, and healthcare” is why the Democrats won the house.

Half of all the commercials for Democrat candidates focused on healthcare. In fact, they spent a total of $90 million on just healthcare ads.

Obamacare has been a disaster. Over 28 million people are uninsured, premiums in the individual market have skyrocketed and people are left with few options.

But Democrats are still pushing universal health care – socialized medicine – and winning many voters that way.

What the Republicans need to win back voters is a strong, clear vision for healthcare.

But in the midterm elections, they floundered – and voters went for progressive candidates who promised them a solution … even a flawed one.

 2020: The Coming Blue Tsunami

The midterms taught us a critical lesson: In 2020, we need to be much better prepared to win.

Even if a conservative wins the presidency, we’ve lost so many seats that it could be virtually impossible to get the House back, unless Republicans win back seats in California.

California primaries are moving from June back to March, meaning election season starts even sooner. In fact, the formal filing season for California races will begin on September 12, 2019.

And the progressives are ramping up their efforts already, strategizing and fundraising.

We need to start campaigning now – preparing early for victory, just as progressives did for the midterms and are doing for 2020.

I cautioned conservatives about the early start progressives had for the 2018 elections. They knew that about 70% of all voting is done by mail…so they pushed hard to make sure people filled out their mail-in ballots with progressive candidates, and then gathered those ballots.

Many people are laughing that progressive billionaire and forerunner of the “Need to Impeach” anti-Trump movement, Tom Steyer, is running for President.

But Steyer has money and strategy – He has already run a full-page ad in USA Today, and has held five Townhall meetings pushing his message.

His campaign is founded on five rights:

  1. the right to an equal vote
  2. the right to clean air and water
  3. the right to free pre-K and college
  4. the right to a living wage
  5. the right to free healthcare

Steyer’s NextGen grassroots movement focuses on reaching the next generation of voters. He has spent millions on marketing this movement, registering tens of thousands of young people to vote and spreading across college campuses all over the country.

And, he’s collecting data and an army of volunteers for himself.

NextGen has had a massive impact in California by focusing on increasing the youth vote with a message of college affordability and healthcare for those with pre-existing conditions.

Many people laugh – but Steyer has a strategy and has already made an impact.

Stopping the Tsunami: 5 Solutions for Conservatives to Turn the Game Around and Win in 2020

If the idea of Tom Steyer…Elizabeth Warren…Bernie Sanders…Kamala Harris…or another socialist…becoming President terrifies you….and you feel overwhelmed by the money and the strategy of the progressive left….let’s not forget about the surprise election of Donald Trump in 2016.

Trump had less money than his opponent and was a political outsider who had never held office.

And yet, he won.

How did he do it?

Trump had a brilliant marketing strategy. He had a strong, clear message. He knew his voter base, and how to reach them. He used digital marketing and text messaging to his advantage.

Conservatives can win seats back in California in 2020. We can reverse the blue tsunami nationally…and reverse the dangerous tide of socialism, radically progressive social values, anti-business regulations, tax increases and more.

Here are 5 actions we conservatives need to take to prepare for victory in 2020:

1. Change our message: We have the solutions to the biggest issues.

Republicans don’t need to change their message to look more like the Democrat’s message of anti-Trump and progressive social and economic values.

Instead, we need to focus on what is relevant and important to people: solutions to big issues.

Conservatives have answers to growing economic dangers. Progressives want more rules and regulations and a “nanny state” fed by higher taxes. They want to kill business with increasing minimum wages. They want to make taxpayers pay for ridiculous bureaucratic jobs, “free” healthcare for all … and more.

Conservatives have the answers to our massive, historic debt of $741 billion. They know how to boost the economy and create more jobs with policies that encourage new innovation and business growth.

Under President Trump, the economy has boomed. Employment rates – especially for blacks – are at a high. New businesses are thriving.

California is ranked the 51st state for business (Chief Executive Magazine included Washington D.C.), the #1 state for poverty, the #1 state for homelessness and the #1 state for increases in crime. It has the 4th highest individual income tax and the worst top tax rate of 13.3% … and the worst sales tax rate of 7.5%.

In California, conservatives need to regroup and push a message of job growth and lowered taxes to encourage economic growth.

We also have to reach out to a wider range of voters with this message of freedom and lower taxes…as well as better schools and safer communities.

For Hispanics, pro-life, pro-economic opportunity and pro-family are key issues.

2. Revitalize the Republican Party.

Conservatives need to focus on training and mobilization for the next generation.

We need to use data for targeted digital marketing, text messaging and direct mail.

We need to make phone calls and go door-to-door. We must have data collection, better marketing, a better Get Out the Vote (GOTV) campaign – or we will lose.

I hold workshops to train millennials in advanced marketing and advertising tactics for political campaigns. We need to hold more of these kinds of workshops, to educate and inform conservatives, libertarians and Christians how to be effective.

For too long, conservatives have been identified with a narrow set of issues.

Now, we need to stand for something – to help restore the American dream.

Here are 19 key issues we need to focus on:

  1. Health care and cost
  2. Government mismanagement
  3. Limit and reduce taxes
  4. School choice
  5. Stop predator teachers (tenure)
  6. Parental rights, including parental consent for abortions
  7. Stop labor union spending in politics
  8. Protect free speech on college campuses
  9. Stop bloated government fraud and abuse
  10. Fix our roads now
  11. Right to a fair trial (end civil asset forfeiture)
  12. Criminal justice reform
  13. Right to protect yourself and others  (2nd Amendment)
  14. Religious freedom
  15. Stop frivolous lawsuits
  16. Privacy now
  17. Protecting Israel
  18. Defending persecuted religious minorities worldwide
  19. Pension reform
  20. Stop judicial activism

By focusing on these issues, Republicans can revitalize their message and reach voters with concrete, effective solutions to America’s biggest issues.

3. Stop the Deep State!

The Deep State is the massive, decentralized network of progressive ideologues spread throughout our government that uses its authority and influence to resist change and advance its own political agenda.

The biased media will tell you that the Deep State is a myth, but it’s actually one of the most critical and threatening dangers to our Democratic Republic and to our values today.

To turn America around and help conservatives secure victory in 2020, we need to take steps to drain the swamp of these radical ideologues.

Much of the Deep State is buried in our bureaucracy…but the Deep State has also infiltrated our intelligence agencies…our media…major companies like Facebook and Google…and our schools.

The result is corruption, abuse, manipulation, indoctrination and extreme bias against President Trump, conservatives, conservative values and Christians.

The Deep State has to be exposed before 2020.

In fact, I’ve written a book about it – The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know. https://deepstatebook.com

4. Act like it’s 2020 right now.

As I mentioned before, we have to get ahead of the game to prepare for 2020. That means building a database, using digital marketing, mobile marketing, and developing an organized GOTV (Get Out the Vote) movement.

We need to implement the same powerful formula that progressives use: Money + Data Collection + Digital Targeted Marketing/Direct Mail + Get-Out-the-Vote (GOTV) = Victory

This is the formula that I identified in multiple marketing boot camps I held before the midterms.

The progressive organizations purposefully collect data, going door-to-door in some neighborhoods, contacting people on the phone, collecting data from petition signers and from people at rallies.

Then they find out who isn’t registered to vote…or is an infrequent voter…

And they make sure everyone is registered to vote…and does vote on election day.

We need to do a better job of educating and informing conservatives and Christians on how to vote for people who will uphold their beliefs … and encourage them to register to vote.

One of the things I do is to hold Election Forums at churches to educate Christians on how to vote their values. I also publish and distribute a Voter Guide that helps conservatives and Christians vote for candidates and judges who will support their values.

We need to hold events and educate voters so that they know how to elect conservative candidates.

We need to outdo the progressives – in their branding and positioning, in their outreach and in their marketing efforts.

One of the most advanced strategic tactics I use is called “geo-fencing,” which sends targeted videos to the cell phones of people who have visited certain locations or events, such as churches.

This high-level digital strategy has allowed me to reach voters with a targeted, relevant and critical message they need to hear.

If we use geo-targeting in 2020 to GOTV and spread our message, the results could be extraordinary.

But we need to start right now in order to stop the blue tsunami from gathering strength and size.

5. Win the Evangelical vote.

A war has been waged on Christianity in this country – against individual Christians, Christian values, homeschooling, churches, Christian businesses and more.

Republicans need to win the Evangelical vote with their pro-faith, pro-family and pro-freedom message.

Unfortunately, many Evangelicals do not vote. In fact, 45-55% of 80 million Evangelical voters do not vote.

Trump knew how to reach the Evangelicals in the 2016 election. He ran on a pro-life, pro-religious freedom platform that spoke to Christians who are opposed to abortion and coming under increasing attack for their faith.

And he won because of the advanced GOTV outreach he did to Evangelicals in key swing states.

Now, we need to educate Christians on how to vote from a Biblical worldview on issues like abortion, the sanctity of life, Israel and Christian civil liberties.

And, we need to help wake up pastors to speak out and speak up for family values.

In 1964, Republicans were down to 127 members of Congress. Many thought that there was no return and that the party would die.

It was the death of the GOP.

But then in 1966, Ronald Reagan appeared and turned California away from the edge of destruction. Then, in 1980 he turned America red again and restored hope and the American dream to millions.

We can turn this around.

We can win in 2020.

We can stop the blue tsunami….and see conservatives, libertarians and Christians elected – even in California.

But we have to be strategic, thorough and disciplined in our approach. We have to revitalize the Republican Party, focus on key issues, use data and digital marketing, and get out the Republican vote.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Buy my book. If you haven’t already done so, buy my book – The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know (click to buy here). You’ll be shocked and disturbed to discover how pervasive and widespread the Deep State really is…placed in strategic strongholds of power throughout our government, the media and culture.

Plus, you’ll learn how to take a stand for freedom and fight back against the Deep State.

Click here to get a copy for 20% off.

2. Donate to our “Turn America Around” campaign to develop voter guides, digital marketing campaigns and more. You can help turn America around by helping us to run massive marketing campaigns to educate and inform conservative, libertarian and Christian voters.

3. Come to our marketing boot camps or watch our webinars. You can get trained up to GOTV and impact our culture by participating in our marketing boot camps and webinars. For more information, email Tracy at tracy@cdmginc.com.

4. Run, or help someone run for office. Consider running for office, or help support a candidate with pro-freedom, pro-free enterprise and pro-family values.

5. Pray. Pray for wisdom, guidance, and for Godly leaders to be elected that can help lead our nation!

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  1. The best summary of what happened and what we need to do I have read. Good work! I would submit a few thoughts for your consideration:
    1. Ballot harvesting violates CA Const. Art 2 Sec 7 “Voting shall be secret.” We should sue to overturn ballot harvesting. It will be hard to beat the Democrats at the unethical aspects of ballot harvesting.
    2. The list of issues on which to run should be narrowed. Run on “providing upward economic mobility through middle class jobs and small business” in contrast with the Democrats “rich, poor, no middle class” agenda. The rest can be party platform positions.
    3. Something needs to be done about the internal divisions of the Republican Party so we don’t split our vote and lose “top two” every time.

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