Breaking: Your Kids and Grandkids Will See Nuclear Terror in Their Lifetime

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World leaders have finally reached an agreement – and signed Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.

Who have we made a deal with? Who is Iran?

It is a nation that spreads terrorism – both at home and abroad.

It is a nation that seeks Islamic world domination – and uses jihad accordingly.

It has a government that is genocidal… that sponsors terrorism in other nations… that is totalitarian… that is theocratic.

And it has a government that has proven itself a liar.

The deal we’ve made with Iran is reckless: it gives Iran 24 days, not hours, of advance warning before any inspections can occur. And the inspections apply to only 2/3 of Iran’s nuclear facilities, leaving thousands untouched.

Now that their economic sanctions will be lifted, they will have a huge cash flow to fund their nuclear programs and other militant endeavors.

And the two ultimate concessions in this deal: Iran can receive arms imports in 5 years, and all restrictions on its nuclear programs disappear after 10 years.

Make no mistake… Iran will get missiles and nuclear weapons.

Iran is rejoicing because they win.

Israel is weeping… and we should be too.

This deal may usher in another cold war – except we will be dealing with an Islamic nation, not a Communist one. And the Islamic zeal for jihad makes Iran a much more dangerous foe.

Think about it: Iran is building intercontinental missiles. What could it possible need intercontinental missiles for, except to destroy the U.S.?

The world is NOT a safer place after Obama’s Iran deal.

But the liberal media says it is.

With all their celebrations, you would think we’ve ushered in a new era of peace.

But the nuclear agreement is a gift to the deceptive and ambitiously militant Iran.

No one is safer… not in the Middle East… not in Israel… not in the U.S… not anywhere.

This nuclear agreement hearkens back to Clinton’s appeasement with North Korea. North Korea got nuclear weapons.

The deal empowers and effectively authorizes Iran to attain nuclear capabilities.

The Iran deal could be a death sentence to millions.

Here are some interviews on the deal that you must see:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: watch here.

Former Israeli Ambassador Dan Gillerman: watch here.

Sen. and Presidential Candidate Marco Rubio: watch here.

Senator and Presidential Candidate Rand Paul: watch here.

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