Your Drive Time Is Getting Worse: Traffic Crisis Ahead

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One of the primary roles of California government is the development and maintenance of roads and highways, which our state is failing to provide.

Are you frustrated—maybe angry—about the slow, congested traffic?

It’s wasting your time. It’s costing you money. But it’s going to get even worse! And where is your tax money going?

Much of the money the California government receives from the taxpayers is allocated to bureaucratic waste, social engineering programs and bloated welfare programs.

   Currently, California has 40% of the nation’s total welfare payments. . .

And only 5% of the state budget goes to the Department of Transportation to repair and maintain our roads.

Much of the money is being wasted on “mass transportation” not exclusively the problem.

And, when considering the amount of abuse and waste within in the Transportation department itself, the remaining income isn’t nearly enough to repair and pay for our crumbling infrastructure.

   Roads and transit alone will require $538 billion over the next 10 years. Of the $538 billion, $341 billion will be needed just for maintenance and repairs. The current available revenue only covers 45% of the total cost, leaving a shortfall of close to $300 billion.

For families and businesses to maintain a decent lifestyle, something must be done to expand, upgrade and improve our roads.

This will require:

  1. An increase in spending for our roads, which means we must cut spending from other areas.
  2. Modification of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), which is used to stop any development of new roads.
  3. Creation of more public/private relationship programs. This will create an incentive for the private sector to be involved and take a risk in business. When this happens, costs are lower and development of the projects is accomplished much more quickly.

   We can change this state for the better and improve vital areas, like the roadways.

However, this must be done with serious consideration of cuts to our broken budget.

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