Your Voter Guide is Ready: This is The Most Consequential Midterm of Your Lifetime

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Our voter guide is completed.

As funds come in, we’re adding counties and local races.

But it’s now all online.

This will be your guide for how to vote for — not against, your values.

Here’s what we have.

#1: Judges Nationwide

Judges are some of the most important candidates to vote for.

They actually have more power and influence than a governor or senator.

They can destroy religious freedom or advance it.

They can destroy the economy or advance it.

Our guide identifies who is a judicial activist and who wants to legislate from the bench.

And we identify who’s a strict constructionist or originalist, who wants to be able to interpret the Constitution as written — not reinterpret it according to their political views.

If you want to vote your values, please click HERE. We cover every state in the nation.

#2: California Voter Guide

From northern California to southern California, we’ve covered as many counties and local races as we’ve had funding for.

You can now use this guide for your mail-in ballot or going to the polls — We recommend going to the poll if you can.

The California ballot also includes the judges so you can get all the info on one site. Click HERE.

#3: Tennessee Voter Guide

We’ve covered all the Tennessee elections as funding will allow.

You can see all statewide and local races and judges. Click HERE.

Other States

We cover all the judges nationwide (in every state). Depending upon your state we may have references — simply email me your state and we’ll see how we can help.

Please share this with others…

Tell them about the voter guide:

  • Send it to them
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Have your family and friends use this guide — Let’s multiply its effectiveness.

We have churches distributing the voter guide.

We have people distributing it among their civic groups.

We have people sharing it with all their friends and neighbors that they have contact information for, and relationships with.

This is how we will win elections.

Let’s go viral.

What do you think? Email me at

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  1. Here in Southern CA, my son and I share the same candidates though our Judges are the same there were a few differences. We loved your guidance on the judges as they were scattered all over each of our ballots with different labels … This was the most difficult ballot we have ever received to fill out because nothing seemed to be in logical order!! Our Congressman Adam Schiff ( yep!) seems to have I Maebe a Girl, running for its 2nd try running for office. My son thought it best to vote for “Girl” I thought it best to not vote for either of them … He mailed his ballot, I have not as of yet, since I like to carry my to the polls on voting day. You thought it best to leave that office blank. We really appreciated your Judge help. I had already decided to vote AGAINST ALL OF THEM, but followed you advise to
    YES four of them!!!! WE need top rate judges! Thank you for your fantastic voter guide!!!

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