Reasons Public School Educators Withdraw Their Children from Public Schools

Why Public School Teachers Are Pulling Their Kids Out of Public Schools

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Charter Schools, private schools, Christian schools, and homeschooling are booming.


Because parents are fleeing the public, or government-run, schools.

This has been a growing trend, accelerated by Common Core and liberal/progressive mandates imposing political views on the kids as part of the curriculum.

Parents have been asserting their right to be in control of their kids’ upbringing … not the bureaucracy, politicians and “professional experts”—including the teachers’ unions.

Today’s public/government schools are for the most part substandard.

That’s why so many teachers send their kids to private schools.

Education Next says 19% of public school teachers send their own kids to private schools.

In some cities, it’s far greater, according to the Fordham Institute, and even larger percentages send their kids to alternative schools. Here are some examples:

  • Philadelphia                                       44%
  • Chicago                                                39%
  • New York City                                    33%
  • Boston                                                  28%

Teachers can afford to send their kids to private schools. Sadly, most parents can’t.

Here are reasons the “for profit” schools do better:

  • They face competition
  • They are free of the bureaucracy
  • They are free of the teachers’ unions
  • They innovate.

That’s what happens when there is choice.

During the next election, only the candidate who wants to expand choice deserves your vote.

And we will let you know who they are at

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