Kids, Teachers and Parents: Why Common Core Is Bad News

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For anyone who doesn’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to education, Common Core is bad news…

For anyone who loves liberty, Common Core is bad news…

For anyone who values privacy, Common Core is bad news…

For anyone who doesn’t buy into liberal agendas and ideologies, Common Core is bad news…

For anyone who values high achievement, Common Core is bad news…

So, let me break through the confusion… and explain why you should be concerned…

Myths about Common Core

  • Common Core was a state-led effort
  • Common Core was not imposed on states by the federal Department of Education
  • Common Core does not nationalize curriculum
  • States that have adopted Common Core do not have to keep it

Truths about Common Core

  • Common Core was developed by two lobby groups – the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers – and it was funded and backed by the federal Department of Education
  • $4.35 billion in federal grants  made Common Core irresistible to 45 states desperate for funding (right after Great Recession)
  • The Common Core standards must form the basis for 85% of states’ curriculum and the Common Core tests require “Common Core aligned” curriculum
  • States that reject Common Core will be severely penalized

Here are three things you should know about Common Core:

1. Education without Representation

Common Core standards were written and adopted without public debate or even public knowledge.

45 states adopted Common Core in2011… But in 2013, 62% of Americans said they had never heard of Common Core.

Common Core takes all control away from local school districts and states:

  • States cannot revise the standards because they are copyrighted
  • States must adopt and implement all of Common Core at once
  • States are only allowed to add up to 15% of requirements on top of Common Core

It will also take away the liberties and rights of parents and students by hurting school choice and educational alternatives (private schools, charter schools, homeschooling).

All schools and students will be assessed by Common Core tests – so if they want to receive funds, graduate high school or get into college, they will have to adopt “Common Core aligned” curriculum.

2. Creating a National Database of Personal Information

Under a stimulus bill in 2009, state databases are now required to track student religious affiliations, family voting status, health care history, disciplinary records, and more… from pre-school through college.

And, when states adopted Common Core, they agreed that all student data collected at the state level will be given to the U.S. Department of Education.

3. Inferior Standards, Curriculum that Indoctrinates, and Unfair Tests

Lowers Academic Rigor:

Math: Dr. Milgram, Stanford Emeritus Professor of Math and the only mathematician on the Common Core Validation Committee, refused to sign off on the standards.

He said the math standards use new methods that are not supported by any research and contradict those of high-achieving countries.

Students and parents are already bewildered and frustrated: students can’t grasp these methods, and parents can’t help their kids.

Science: The pro-Common Core Fordham Institute gave California’s science standards an “A” rating (10/10) and Common Core science standards a “C” rating (5/10).

English: The only English scholar on the Validation Committee also refused to sign offon the English standards.

Fills Curriculum with Agendas:

Here are just three snapshots of agendas pervading Common Core curriculum:

(1) In AP U.S. history, the U.S. Constitution is undermined, negative parts of American history are emphasized at the expense of the good parts, and American principles aren’t taught.

Example: one lesson plan requires students to pick two fundamental rights in our Bill of Rights for destruction. It says the government had decided our Constitution is “outdated” and some freedoms must be eliminated.

(2) The science textbooks are filled with unscientific, environmentalist propaganda.

(3) The health standards – largely developed by Planned Parenthood – have kids learning sexuality skills from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Imposes Unfair Tests:

Here is just one aspect of the Common Core tests that is problematic and unfair.

Though there are many problems with the tests’ implementation, this one is part of its design.

The tests are not standardized (the same test with the same conditions given to every student).

They are adaptive – they differ from student to student. Children’s grades and demographics are to be submitted to the administrators before they take the test.

And they are computer adaptive: When a student gives correct answers, the computer will feed harder questions to that student. When a student gives wrong answers, the questions will get easier.


Sign our petition to fight Common Core, here.

And watch out for upcoming articles on Common Core. We’ll explore these topics more in depth, show the presidential candidates’ positions on Common Core, and more.

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