Who is Really Running America? [Controversial National Broadcast]

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Who is really running America?

Who is making the decisions?

I just got off a controversial national radio/podcast with Bill Martinez, answering the question and shocking the audience.

Here are a few highlights:

  • We are experiencing a brokenness coming out of Washington D.C – as well as from state and local government.

We have an ideologically driven government in D.C. run by ideological bureaucrats.

The old Obama bureaucrats that were driving government-policy 2008-2016 are still driving policy in the Biden administration today.

  • Biden’s State of the Union lacked truth and reality – it was delusional.
  • For example, President Biden says he will solve the inflation problem…but he is the cause of the inflation problem.
  • The withdrawal of Afghanistan that Biden ordered revealed to Putin and Russia that they can act without punishment.
  • Many states have initiated stronger laws for voting integrity in 2022 – here is what is being done.
  • On voting, today we have so many people are either not voting, or not voting their values.

They are not voting for the candidates that can make the right type of change that is needed – here is what needs to happen.

People need to go out and vote their values in the next election – people need to be part of the answer and not part of the problem.

  • The progressive left is training candidates – and we need to be doing the same.
  • During the last Presidential election, I listened to eight church services the Sunday before – seven of the eight churches didn’t even mention the election.
  • This is a war on Christianity by the ideologically-driven Department of Justice and we are seeing assault like never before.
  • We are seeing the promotion of abortion and an abandonment of our efforts to protect the unborn.

In the state of the Union address, Biden took at least a minute and a half promoting abortion and attacking the laws that are trying to restrict abortion.

He was looking at the Supreme Court justices as he was trying to tell them what to do.

Click HERE to listen to the interview. It is about 22-minutes long.

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  1. “The world is a dangerous place, not because pf those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” A.E.

  2. “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” A.E.

  3. I previously noted a West Coast Oligarychy led by Vice president Harris and the Speaker of the House, Pelosi. .They represent the lol Silicon Valley Facebook, Apple, and Google, with a hop skip and jump to Amazon and Microsoft in Oregon. This approximates the rule of John Nancy Garner, Vice President in 1932 and previous House Speaker. Sam rayburn was the House Speaker for him.
    Garner received on November 22, 1963 a call from the soon assassinated President Kennedy. Lyndon Johnson was their President gaining federal money for infrastructure, oil and helicopters. This is not a duplicate.

  4. The solving the problem of the administrative state is found in the private legal practice of Alexander Hamilton. As Washington’s Secretary of the treasury, he started with the Post Office and Customs, later running the Coast Guard of internal revenue cutters and the Mint. He had given birth to the administrative states. In private practice, he incorporated the first Bank of New York, Insurance Companies, the Curb Exchange, and the New York Post, They each needed incorporation papers and an Independent Board of Directors as Plato’s watchmen. Today the annual report of corporations covered ethical guidelines and the new environmental issues. Incorporating every government agency with a Board of Directors picked between the three branches of government. Alexander Hamilton did solve an unexpected problem of administrative agencies and their dark swamp of corruption with the adoption of incorporation papers.

  5. I have known since the mid 1970’s who was running this country. It is the Council on Foreign Relations better known as the CFR. And even they are just a store front. The CFR has about five layers to it an it is only layers four and five that you get to the true deep state. Except for George Soros you would not recognize their names. The Clintons, Biden’s, Pelosi’s, Feinstein’s, or any other
    name you recognize from the news are just store front people and have no power except that given by the deep state. All these things were understood by Robert Welsh in the 1950’s when he started the John Birch Society. Anyone can go to the JBS.org web site and weekly receive analysis behind the news or the new american magazine (tna.com). Mr. Huey, you are not alone. Let us stop reinventing the wheel over and over. I am not asking you to change what you are doing just understand who your friends are. Let us work together to stop the CFR while we still can, it is not to late.

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