Vicious Smear: Black Professor Apologist for White Supremacists? [Video]

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The corrupt Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) continues to go after libertarians, conservatives and Christians.

For example, the SPLC smeared Dr. Carol Swain – who is black – when they objected to her positive review of a film that supported the idea that white people also have been subjected to racism.

The former Vanderbilt professor was targeted by the now discredited civil rights group as an apologist for white supremacists … all because she expressed a view that went against liberal-progressive thinking.

Dr. Swain said she wasn’t surprised…

“I saw they were engaging in mission creep and lost sight of their original purpose and started going after conservatives,” she said.

“Anybody who criticizes the SPLC can be put on their Hate List.”

The SPLC – in spite of its name – does nothing to help those in poverty…

Instead, it promotes a liberal-progressive ideology and uses its “Hate Group List” to smear conservatives and Christians.

It has a bank account in the Cayman Islands and is reportedly worth over $350 million due to fundraising that targets the gullible.

The group has been discredited as a source for “hate groups,” but continues to project an image of a charitable organization of good intentions … thanks to the liberal media.

Watch this powerful 4-minute video of Tucker Carlson talking with Dr. Carol Swain:

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  1. Remove God and you remove the ability to discern who to follow and who not to, who’s really “Right“ and who’s not. In other words, you become stupid and “Left” behind.

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