Which Pastors/Churches Publicly Rejoiced With The Supreme Court Ruling That Abortion Is Not A Constitutional Right?

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I asked readers to let me know what happened at their church the Sunday after the Supreme Court ruling that ruled abortion as not a constitutional right.

Thanks to all who responded.

In churches where the announcement was made, there was usually wild applause and shouts of joy.

For evangelical churches, it looks like close to 60% made the announcement – even in churches that refuse to discuss the issue.

But many leading Christian Pastors and ministries never mentioned it.

The top three Twitter influencers never even mentioned it, not a word.

For example:

  • Joel Osteen – 10 million Twitter followers
  • Jakes – 6 million Twitter Followers
  • Joyce Meyer – 6 million Twitter followers

That’s 22 million followers – said nothing about the decision… Complete silence.

Here is what some readers said:

Judith – My Lutheran pastor, knowing I had worked with a Life group, talked to me quietly about the decision. It was a positive conversation and one of amazement at the decision after years of prayer. I believe he may do more information for the rest of the congregation.

Patrick – Jack Hibbs, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills… awesome sermon. God is in charge, not man!

Pat – Our Pastor George Hyon of Faith Bible Church in Northridge, CA. Praised God and led the church in prayer gibing thanks to God.

Ginny – Yes, he did! He was given up for adoption 66 years ago by a young woman who didn’t have an abortion. In turn has adopted 2 children who were not aborted. He speaks passionately about life. Both as God’s plan for mankind and our American forefather’s that wrote about “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

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  1. Well, Jimmy Swaggart, who has 90 million followers all over the world had plenty to say about it. He is always on the Godly side of the issues. I am so disappointed in so many of the pastors, who did not advocate for this at all….how is that possible?

  2. I would like to speak for home church ,which exists in my home since COVID’s inception in 2019. I realized that, like Paul expressed, I was a prisoner of Jesus Christ for several years now. I have been concerned about my purpose as a member of the Body. So far I am led to gather my family together to worship God and study His message in the Bible. We stay aware of the current issues in the US and the Christian community through the internet and Christians like you Craig.
    We are raising my grandchildren and uplifting every Christian we are in contact with to the extent possible. We watch for opportunities to pray for others, help those we are able, and let gentiles know that this remnant will follow Jesus, even if alone. We patiently await further command from the Holy Spirit. We are thankful for the action of the Supreme Court and pray for the next step in God’s plan to save lives, provide loving families for them, and share the Gospel with them as they mature.
    I ask you to use your God given power to address brothers and sisters who have been scattered and isolated, with the wisdom of our Christian community regarding the needs and resources for this mission. God bless you brother Craig.

  3. Pastor Greg Mah of South Bay Community Church, Torrance had the sermon on 7/23 and 7/24 about the over turning. The pastors said they wanted to wait until this weekend to discuss it in depth. They support the over turning and want to get even more involved in the two ministries that will come from this: abortion forgiveness for women with remorse, and support for pregnancy centers and foster/adopt centers.

  4. WOW!
    Amazing that the following churches were silent about a matter so close to the heart of God. They need to know this is wrong and not acceptable.
    Thanking you again for staying abreast of what is close to our Father’s Heart.

    1. God bless you Nancy for sharing that podcast by Fr. Steve Matreja of Detroit. I might disagree with any suggestion of “separation of church and state” which may not been his point, but I clearly understand that politics must be downgraded beneath our Faith. God is the Law Giver and sometimes secular power must be rebuked in order to save the unsaved.
      I have been placed in this abominable city for His Purpose. I was quickened by your post and will watch for further missives. When younger, I joined with the Van Nuy’s Knights in protesting and warning mothers against the evil of PP. I note that it remains in CA after the Supremes rightly sent the issue back to the States. Glory to God.

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