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Warning: Hate Crimes … Or Hate Hoaxes? [Video and Petition]

Craig HueyCurrent Events 3 Comments

Any crime committed against another human being is bad. Crimes motivated by racial hatred are especially repugnant.

But many so-called “hate crimes” are really hate hoaxes instead.

Contrary to what the media is telling you, hate crimes are not on the rise.

The media relies on the lies from the Southern Poverty Law Center – a corrupt group of socialists who count every accusation of a hate crime as an actual hate crime.

What is actually on the rise in the U.S. is the number of hate crime hoaxes.

Hate crime hoaxes are politically useful, as Tucker Carlson explains in this powerful 8-minute video. Watch as he exposes the hoax and the many lies by the biased media and politicians.

Also, please sign our petition to help STOP the lies and deceptions of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Click here.

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  1. When Evil can’t successfully lie it’s way into tearing down a good person or group, it then resorts to creating scenarios of imagined hatred, prejudice and bias that this person or group supposedly committs. In other words, Evil hates Good and it will do whatever it can to destroy it… And it may seem as if the Liberals/Satan are getting away with their crimes against humanity, but they will stand in judgement before a Holy God and will be dealt with!

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