WARNING: Biden Bureaucrats Secretly Turning U.S. Sovereignty Over To World Health Organization (W.H.O.) – Here Are 7 Shocking Things You Should Know About The Insanity

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The Biden ideologically driven bureaucrats have been secretly trying to turn U.S. sovereignty over to the World Health Organization (W.H.O.). Through executive order, the administration tried to hide what it was doing for over 3 months, but the truth came out, and what they are doing is insane.

Here are 7 shocking things you should know…

Secret Insanity #1: The Biden action overrides/destroys U.S. sovereignty.

Biden secretly submitted a list of amendments to the WHO, which would give them control over America’s borders, travel, commerce, food and medical supply lines, environment, animal rights, and yes, even whether Americans can be forced to take vaccines. Biden did not consult Congress, nor did he alert the members when he submitted the changes to the WHO treaty on Jan 18th (hidden for over 3months). Biden’s plan was only revealed in late April after being discovered by an independent researcher.

Secret Insanity #2:  It’s a Marxist/Socialist “Equity” redistribution scheme.

The Democrat/Biden “equity” redistribution philosophy is based on a Marxist/socialist ideology. It’s viewed as a class struggle of the U.S. vs other nations – A class struggle that takes from the “haves” and gives to the “have nots”… In other words, wealth redistribution!” From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” Karl Marx in his 1875 Critique of the Gotha Program.

Secret Insanity #3: Misinformation…

The W.H.O. Treaty creates a backdoor way to censor anyone who dissents or disagrees with their globalist, socialist worldview.

The Biden ideology driven bureaucracy, at every level, is trying to silence opposition and opposing viewpoints. Now they are trying to do it through a corrupt agency, overriding Constitutional authority and protections. The W.H.O., under the treaty, can censor anyone or any speech they don’t like.

“W.H.O. Secretariat to build capacity to deploy proactive countermeasures against misinformation and social media attacks.”

“…national and global coordinated actions to address the misinformation, disinformation, and stigmatization, that undermine public health.”

Secret Insanity #4: The W.H.O. Treaty destroys private companies/US Healthcare industry, and research for the greater good.

The W.H.O. Treaty will manage and regulate research for “equity”. This will destroy innovation and the regulations make research in new therapies unprofitable…

“…truly global end-to-end platform for vaccines, diagnostics, therapeutics, and essential supplies, shifting from a model where innovation is left to the market to a model aimed at delivering global public goods.”

“Equitable and effective access to vaccines, therapeutics, diagnostics, and essential supplies, and for clinical trials.”

Secret Insanity #5: Dr. Tedros is a Marxist/Leninist who loves the Chinese Communists and hates the United States.

As reported by the NY Times, Tedros is accused of covering up three cholera epidemics in his home country, Ethiopia, when he was health minister. He’s also accused of being a puppet of China… Recently, A bipartisan US House Committee has asked for Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and the World Health Organization’s communications with China. “The very fact that a bipartisan committee chose to do this is the beginning of the end for a man who has clearly been a consummate player of cronyism since day one.”

Tedros has always been a master of schmoozing the very worst of dictators. He has claimed to be “racially abused” by critics, but in reality he used cries of racism to deflect from the genuine claims of incompetence levelled against him by those like President Donald Trump.

According to a report from NPR, Tedros is not even a medical doctor; he has a Ph.D. in community health.

Secret Insanity #6: Other Nations Impacted Also…

Biden’s proposed amendments would cede American sovereignty, as well as the sovereignty of all 193 member states. This would place the health decisions of 99.94% of the world population under the control of an unelected, unaccountable foreign governing body.

It would give W.H.O. director Tedros the authority to declare a “public health emergency”—even if one does not exist. Article 12.2 conveniently adds the words “potential or actual.”

The term “public health emergency” is subjective, and ill-defined in the WHO regulations. Such an “emergency” can involve not only a viral condition, but also climate change (which WHO has labeled one of the greatest global health emergencies) and even access to medical treatment (which can include abortion). “Health care workers and the most vulnerable will have priority access.”

Secret Insanity #7: The fight against this abuse has begun.

Rep Chip Roy of Texas has introduced legislation to defund the World Health Organization. His bill has 46 co-sponsors, all Republicans.

No President can commit the United States to a binding treaty with just the stroke of his pen (Executive Order). Treaties must be submitted to the U.S. Senate for ratification, which requires 67 votes.

If the President does not do that, it’s not a treaty, and any future president can withdraw from an agreement, just as President Trump withdrew the United States from the terrible Obama/Biden nuclear deal with Iran.

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  1. Any international or global organization such as NATO, IOC or WHO should be only a forum to encourage sovereign nations to discuss and/or debate cross-border concerns and cooperation. A nation which surrenders control over any part of its’ governance, commerce or military to foreign entities is surrendering part of its essence. That kind of surrender should occur only with matters in a personal relationship!

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