Voter Fraud: Real and Being Investigated Finally [Video]

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There’s a popular TV series called “The Walking Dead,” in which a person who dies comes back “to life” as a zombie.

In real life, we find dead people return from the afterlife to vote.

How many fraudulent votes were cast in the last election?

We may never know the final number, but something is finally being done about it.

The Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity had its first meeting this week, which is creating a political uproar and protest.

Its goal is to determine whether there are significant problems involving elections and voter integrity.

The bipartisan commission will also examine ways to protect voting systems from foreign interference.

The panel has asked states to comply with its request for voter information. But many states have refused to comply, citing privacy concerns. The panel said the information they sought was publicly available.

The refusals prompted Trump to say the states have something to hide.

Time and again, the names of the deceased have been found to have voted, usually for a Democrat.

Is it any wonder that the hue and cry against Voter ID laws comes from liberals, who disingenuously argue such a law would keep the poor from the voting booth.

You need a driver’s license to drive.

You need ID to cash a check.

A Voter ID just proves you are who you say you are when you want to cast your ballot.

There is nothing nefarious about this.

Here is a powerful 4-minute video on how voter fraud works.

The susceptibility for voter fraud among illegal immigrants is particularly high in California, which has no separate verification of citizenship on voter registration.

Applicants can check a box affirming they are “citizens” and this is not checked against any other government database such as federal immigration records. Basically, it relies on an honor system.

The problem of illegals voting is compounded because California’s Department of Motor Vehicles issues driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, allowing them to automatically be registered to vote under the federal “motor-voter” laws.

Since the law went into effect in 2015, over 800,000 illegal immigrants have received a license.

When I ran for Congress, we detected a larger amount of illegal voting.

So, the question needs to be asked: Why are Democrats afraid of the Election Integrity Commission?

Why aren’t they behind the first serious national look at just how big (or small) voting irregularities are in this country?

In fact, the Heritage Foundation has just released its Voter Fraud Database, which tops 1,000 proven cases. Click here to see it.

If liberal nay-sayers are right that voter fraud, by and large, doesn’t exist, then the commission will come up empty-handed.

But there are too many problems to hide:

Did you know the dead can vote? Here are some worthy statistics:

  • 8 million registered voters are dead.
  • In 2014, North Carolina said 13,416 dead voters were registered, and 81 of them recently voted.
  • In 2012, South Carolina revealed 953 people were deceased at the time they voted!
  • In 2016, CBS Channel 2 in Los Angeles identified 265 dead voters in Southern California, many of whom casts ballots year after year.
  • The Public Interest Legal Foundation sent letters to officials in six states demanding they clean up voter rolls, which showed “an implausible number of registered voters compared to the number of eligible living citizens.”

There are other voter fraud issues as well:

  • Last year in St. Louis, there were so many irregularities found in hundreds of absentee ballots that a judge called a new primary election … and the candidate who previously lost won the new election by 71%!
  • Some 2.8 million people are registered in two or more states.
  • A 2012 Pew Research Center survey says one out of eight American voter registrations is inaccurate, out of date, or a duplicate.
  • The PILF also discovered that Virginia removed 5,556 non-citizens from its voter rolls from 2011 to 2017. Among these, 1,852 had cast a total of 7,474 ballots across multiple elections.
  • The Heritage Foundation’s Voter Fraud Database has documented 848 criminal convictions in voter fraud cases in 47 states, with new cases being uncovered weekly.

There is no denying voter fraud exists. To what extent, is the question.

Despite this potential for fraud, the Obama administration did not file a single lawsuit in eight years demanding counties clean up their voter rolls.

It is alleged the Department of Justice refused to enforce cleaning up voter rolls because it ran contrary to a desire to increase turnout.

The Fox News panel discusses voter fraud and the commission.


So, why is George Soros involved?

Even George Soros has gotten involved in preventing the voter fraud panel from collecting voter information.

The great funder of radical causes is bankrolling the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), through his Open Society Foundations. The OSF has a budget of $940 million, a staff of 1,600, with 47 offices in 42 countries.

If voter fraud is non-existent, as liberals keep claiming, why has EPIC petitioned for a restraining order against the panel collecting voter information?

I think they would be afraid of what will be discovered.

In California, if you combine an estimated 5 million inactive registrants, who have typically died or moved out state, with the state’s lack of voter ID requirements, you have a scenario ripe for fraud.

The Election Integrity Project slammed California for its “98% voter-registration rate” calling it a misleading statistic created by a woefully inadequate voter list maintenance.

The group called it the “Big Dirty Secret of California’s Voter Rolls.”

“All one need do is look at the posted list (of inactive voters) memorize a name and address, repeat it to the poll worker, and receive that person’s ballot, no questions asked,” said the EIP.

In a mind-numbing statistic, EIP says eight of California’s 58 counties have more than 100 percent voter-registration rates!

But, as we all know, the dead can vote.

Now, if only the dead could talk…

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