Voter Fraud in 2020? Saying There Was No Voter Multiple Times Doesn’t Make it True: 6 Things You Should Know. [Petition – Plus Sparks Fly on Video]

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The biased media.

Big Tech.

The pro-socialist politicians, the biased media and bureaucrats associated with the Democrats and the Joe Biden campaign are saying over and over again there was no voter fraud in 2020.

If you disagree, they want to censor you.

If you disagree, not only will you be banned but you will be ridiculed.

But because they say over and over that voter fraud didn’t happen doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

On my media appearances on FOX, OAN, Newsmax and dozens of radio and TV outlets across America, I documented what was going on.

Here are 6 things you should know:

#1. The Democrat socialists want you to believe there was no voter fraud, otherwise their election is illegitimate.

The Democrats’ “official word” was George Bush having defeated Al Gore by the U.S. Supreme Court decision made Bush an “illegitimate” President.

When President Trump won, the Democrats’ scenario was that he was an illegitimate President because of “Russia.”

They do not want this to happen to Joe Biden.

Nor do they want to have an investigation into whether there was voter fraud or not.

The louder they have moral outrage at the thought, the more opponents back off the issue.

#2. For most voter fraud, the only way to be able to determine if there was voter fraud is by evidence in a court of law.

You hear a great deal about how courts have refused to hear evidence about voter fraud against Trump in the last election. But some courts, including the Supreme Court are taking it up, and our hope is that evidence will be proven.

Already the Michigan and Wisconsin Supreme Courts have determined the actions by state election officials was illegal.

#3: The voter fraud that did take place was targeted in seven key states, but you can find the voter fraud in every state.

Voter fraud is not new.

Voter fraud has happened since the beginning of the United States.

Now it is more sophisticated.

And now because of ballot harvesting and universal vote-by-mail, it is easier to accomplish.

The Democrats and pro-socialist groups targeted seven states. So did Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, spending independently millions to create opportunity for voter manipulation and fraud.

#4. The vote-by-mail opened the door to voter fraud on a massive scale.

In all states, the voter rolls are not accurate. Dead people, multiple registrations, people who have moved from a household, are all on the voter rolls, and they get the ballots.

In California alone, over 400,000 ballots were sent to these illegitimate voters. 

When ballots are sent to apartment buildings, nursing homes, and other locations, it is an easy target for voter fraud.

#5. The role of ballot harvesting.

Ballot harvesting is the #1 easiest way to have an unfair advantage over your opponent.

Organized ballot harvesting, both legitimate ballot harvesting and illegitimate ballot harvesting, creates an easier opportunity for ballot fraud.

Ballot harvesting is where paid organizations can go to nursing homes or door-to-door and collect ballots.

They usually have a voter guide to “help” the voter. Then they take the ballot – sometimes hundreds a day – to the polls. 

States like California that allow it legally are places where the fraud is dramatic from the local to the state level. And states where it is illegal, such as Arizona, it still happens.  

#6: Let me tell you a good example: Senator Rand Paul was questioned by George Stephanopoulos about voter fraud.

He didn’t back down.

The sparks flew. Check out this 6-minute video here.

Here are the key points:

  • Many of the cases of voter fraud were thrown out for “lack of standing.”
  • There were several states in which the law was illegally changed by the Secretary of State – not the state legislature – which is unconstitutional.
  • Many votes were counted that should not have been counted – such as dead people, illegal aliens and others that voted twice.
  • Tens of thousands of absentee votes in Wisconsin had just names with no addresses.
  • There was no thorough examination of voter fraud in all the states – if we want greater confidence in our elections, we must evaluate all election integrity and restore confidence in the process.

Please, sign our petition against voter fraud. Click HERE.

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  1. The machines also are programmed to delete votes, add votes, a certain amount of votes, whatever. I saw myself on CNN, I watched for a minute the tally of the votes coming on election night. I saw Biden get 540 votes added and at the same moment, I saw Trumps votes go DOWN 540 votes. Proof of switching votes from one to another. If there was a video of this program, I am sure they have trashed it by now. Others mentioned it on Facebook.

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